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General Events

We're on the verge of setting the world's stage for the best event experiences. We can help transform your vision into an experience people will enjoy and remember. Our company is always willing to help you plan events such as music festivals, conventions and photography sessions. We can help with both the on-site planning and consultation. You can also rely on our skilled staff to help you with your event.

Miniatures Exhibition 2018

Through our miniatures exhibition, we let you take a view of the world of miniature modeling at an ever popular showcase event. Over the past few years, the show succeeded at bringing some of the world's best miniature to one place. Come and enjoy the offerings of these artists as you expand your perspectives on art. The event always brings brand new, high quality, miniature craftsmanship for greater viewer experiences.

Miniatures Exhibition 2018

Designing the Future

Designing the Future

Our work is to handle all the logistics of your event, from finding a suitable location to ensuring that vendors get their payments. We help design your upcoming event by taking your goal, budget, ideas, and requirements, and piecing them together to develop an ideal course of action. We help supervise the setup of the event, monitoring the event to ensure it runs smoothly and establish a timeline for the event.

Open Season 2018

We believe that there’s always something about the holidays that makes people want to gain memorable experiences. As a critical player in the event planning industry, we usually make use of the holiday season for greater event outcomes. We understand that there are higher demands for top-notch planning and coordination skills during such occasions. Our goal is to help plan and systematically schedule your work for the best outcomes.


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