What to Wear Running – a Short Guide

Running is an effective form of aerobic which can be done anywhere without the need for expensive equipment or gym. Just because you can go for a run while in any clothing, it doesn’t mean you will enjoy it. There are certain running gears that you will need to make running more effective and enjoyable.

What to Wear While Running

1. Footwear

Running Socks

You should invest in the right running socks to prevent blisters, infections, dangling toenails, bursitis, and other foot problems. Running socks helps to keep your feet dry no matter how much you sweat while running.


It is recommended that you look for running socks that are comfortable and do not have seams that may irritate your feet. You should also choose socks that are reputable for their durability.

Never pick socks made from cotton since it tends to lock in moisture. You should get those made from materials such as synthetic since they wick out moisture. Select socks that can withstand weather changes by keeping your feet cool during hotter seasons and warm during cooler seasons.

Running Shoes

It is impossible to choose just one best running shoe because of the different sizes and shapes of feet. Getting the right running shoe can be difficult and it is recommended that you get fit by a salesperson first. You should try on several pairs of running shoes, and then go back to the pairs that were most comfortable.

2. Clothing

Sports bra

The right sports bra should be well fitting to lessen breast discomfort and prevent spillage during intense exercise. Avoid buying a sports bra online if you do not know your exact cup size.

You should get a bra that is breathable, smooth with a seamless inner lining for comfort.

Running Tights

You should get tights that fit well, feel warm and have other features like ankle cuffs and pockets. The pockets are useful for holding keys, running gels or credit cards.

Running Gloves and Ear Warmers

Running gloves are essential during the cold season since they help keep your hands dry and warm. When it comes to purchasing gloves, the characteristics of running socks apply here.


Having the right hat or ear warmers will keep your head and ears warm during the winter season. This will motivate you to go outside.

3. Gadgets


You can get wireless headphones for running to help keep you motivated while running. It is, however, important to note that the headphones should not have any bass.

This is to help you hear your surrounding for safety especially if you are running on busy streets.

Fitness Tracker

A fitness tracker helps to accurately count your steps and measure your heart rate while running. get a tracker that is easy to use and one with longer battery life.

Waist Belt Pack

The waist belt pack comes in handy when the running attire you are wearing does not have any pockets you can put your keys, phone, gels, energy snacks, and other small things you might need.

Summing Up

Do not forget to carry water while running to prevent getting dehydrated. The best water bottle should hold up to sixteen ounces of liquid which is enough to last for two hours.

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