What Is Bioidentical Testosterone Made From

Bioidentical testosterone is a hormone that’s made from plants, which include soy and wild yams and is identical to the one produced by the human body. The bioidentical testosterone hormones are largely used to treat those people whose natural testosterone hormones are out of balance or low. Most prescriptions of these hormones usually come from drug companies.

Why are bioidentical testosterone used?

Medical Therapy

As people age, the level of testosterone hormones drops dramatically in their bodies. This, therefore, results in some symptoms. Some effects of low testosterone hormones include:

– Hot flashes

– Loss of energy

– Pain during sex

– Loss of sexual interest

– Memory loss

– Losing muscle mass

– Fatigue

A process known as testosterone pellet insertion is normally used to replace the lost hormones. After the treatment, your hormone levels will rise, and your symptoms will largely improve. According to recent findings, experts say that bioidentical testosterone treatments have equal risks and benefits.

Ways that bioidentical testosterone hormones are given out

We have various ways through which bioidentical hormones can be given out. The most common ways include patches, shots, pills, gels, creams, and implanted pellets. However, it’s your physician to determine the ideal method for you, depending on your body. You can also try two or more ways to find out which one works well for you.

How the dose is selected

In most cases, people undertaking hormone treatments are usually closely watched, and the bioidentical testosterone doses are adjusted depending on your needs and symptoms.

Your doctor will regularly test your blood, saliva, and urine in order to determine the changes in your hormone levels.

In conclusion, you shouldn’t worry about bioidentical testosterone since they’re tested and safe and are FDA approved. If your family member or friend has a deficit in this hormone, tell him or her to use the bioidentical testosterone treatment.

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