What Are the Health Benefits of Medical Marijuana?

The legalization of cannabis is spreading like wildfire across the US, Canada and many countries across the world. At times, people may wonder why weed is being legalized but you’ll be surprised to learn that it has medically been proven to have tremendous benefits to the users. Still surprised?

Well, that’s acceptable but if you love weed, your body benefits a lot. If you’re still scratching your head wondering what marijuana can do to your body, relax and take a deep breath as we have prepared a list of top five health benefits of medical marijuana.

1. Stops cancer from spreading

Cancer is currently among the most deadly diseases in the world. Researchers are working day and night to stop cancer from killing more people and the good news is that they have found hope in marijuana. Wondering how? Well, experts have found out that cannabidiol, a compound found in marijuana turns off a gene called Id-1 which stops cancer cells especially bbreast cancer cells from spreading.


This is good news for any cannabis lover because it is a sure way of stopping cancer cells from spreading in your body and if you know anyone suffering from breast cancer, tell them to order medical marijuana from Cali Xpress and it will be delivered at their doorstep.

2. Treatment of chronic pain

Chronic pain is very common especially in the U.S and according to experts, nearly 25 million Americans are suffering from chronic pain. Chronic pain has been associated to cause disability but the good news is that you can live a healthy life by using marijuana.

This is because cannabis contains cannabinoids which are effective in relieving chronic pain. All you need to do is buy medical marijuana from your nearby dispensary and say no to chronic pain.

3. Treats glaucoma

Glaucoma is a serious eye condition that damages the optic nerves by increasing the pressure in the eyeball and this can cause vision loss. As matter of fact, glaucoma is one of the many reasons for states to allow medical marijuana because it works wonders in reducing the pressure inside the eye thereby treating glaucoma.


Therefore, besides getting your high, medical marijuana has tremendous benefits and if you feel your eyes have a problem, marijuana is the answer.

4. Treats depression

Marijuana has been regarded as a ‘green Prozac’ for many years due to its ability to treat depression. Today, this ability remains unchanged and if you’re feeling unhappy, medical marijuana could be your answer. Scientifically, marijuana has been proven to increase a happy hormone in your body known as serotonin which acts as an anti-depressant.

Without a doubt, depression is a serious mental condition but many people don’t like talking about it. And because you’re reading this article, you have a reason to remain happy because medical marijuana is what you want.

5. Prevents and regulates diabetes

Whereas many people like marijuana for the high feeling associated with it, others don’t like getting high so they avoid weed completely.


However, the same marijuana weed you avoid can do wonders in your body as it has medically been proven to treat and prevent diabetes. Also marijuana helps your body to regulate the production of insulin which in turn regulate body weight.

Final thoughts

The use of marijuana has been controversial for a long time. However, science has already proven how beneficial marijuana is to your health. Besides treating diabetes, depression, glaucoma, chronic pain and preventing the spread of cancer cells, medical marijuana also prevents Alzheimer’s disease, improve lung health, cure headache and many other benefits and you too can benefit by buying it in your nearby dispensary.

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