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What Happens In An Unattended Death

Death is an unwelcome phenomenon that comes at the most unexpected time. Most deaths occur in public and plain sight while other incidences occur in concealed places that no one may remember to look at. A death that may occur and go unnoticed for hours or days is considered an unattended death.

Below is a breakdown what you need to know about unattended deaths.

Possible Causes of Unattended Deaths

Various reasons may cause unattended deaths. Among the major reasons are heart failure, tragic falls, stroke attacks, suicide, or murder. The abovementioned causes of unattended deaths are among the major causes of ordinary death. The only difference is only that the unattended death may have occurred behind closed doors when the deceased was all alone.

The Environment Becomes Unhealthy


As soon as an individual dies, the body begins to decompose. The decomposition process is very rapid and releases unpleasant toxins into the atmosphere. The worst-case scenario is when the deceased passed away due to an attack from an infectious disease. Professional unattended death clean up should be employed to cleanse the scene and atmosphere.

The Environment Is Never the Same Again

An unattended death can be very devastating to close relatives and neighbors. The environment in which the body is found may be considered unsafe by most individuals.

New tenants may refrain from renting the room. The neighborhood may also refrain from areas in which unattended death victims were discovered.

What to Do Upon the Discovery an Unattended Death

Whenever you unveil an unattended death, you should take the relevant measures. The first step should be securing the area and making a 911 call. You should then proceed to inform the family members of the deceased. Make a call to the professional biohazard remediation agency to come and clean up the area. Do not touch or interfere with the crime scene until the experts are done.


Unattended deaths are more common among the old folks and depressed individuals. As a society, we should create a culture of checking up on our friends and neighbors regularly. Families of the deceased are encouraged to seek professional psychiatric assistance.