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Can Dogs Travel On Trains In Europe

Some people love traveling with their pets everywhere they go read this post here to understand more. In some places, it is not possible to travel with pets and especially dogs on trains, but in Europe, it is possible. Certain trains in Europe are pet-friendly and where they allow you to get on board with your dog. Such trains include Rail Europe, but it excludes trains operating in Finland, Great Britain, Norway, Ireland, and Spain.

In other trains such as the Eurostar trains, only service dogs who are traveling with visually impaired people and the disabled are allowed on board.

These dogs travel for free on trains in Europe. You are required to get a microchip for your dog before traveling. The dog should also get a rabies vaccination three weeks before the travel date to ensure it is rabies-free for the safety of other people on board. You also need to have an EU Pet Passport for your dog, which is issued by the dog’s veterinarian.


You are allowed to travel with your dog if it doesn’t interfere with the convenience of other passengers. The dog must be kept on a lead throughout, or they can be kept in a basket for the safety of the passengers and the staff. Traveling by train is among the best ways to go to Europe as trains are both spacious and scenic.

Most of the trains in Europe allow both small and big dogs on board. Once you meet all the requirements, you can take your dog on a train ride with you.


There are other trains which allow only small dogs which can fit in dog carriers such as trains that are operated by Irish Rail. There is also a restriction for big dogs in Greece. Some routes allow larger dogs on board, such as between Athens and Thessaloniki.