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Best And Most Scenic Summer Road Trips For 2019

A road trip is not always about the destination. The sceneries and other pit spots along the road are bound to make your trip more memorable. The summer weather is great for long road trips to most destinations.

read this article to get some of the Best and Most Scenic Summer Road Trips for 2019.

1. Highway 191 from Moab to Lake Powell


The trip is approximately 186 miles running from Moab to Lake Powell. The highway is heavily packed with endless outdoor and recreation for vacationers. You are able to access the Arches National Park, Goosenecks State Park, and the Valley of Gods. Wine lovers are able to get some of the best wine at the Spanish Valley Vineyard and Winery.

2. Colorado’s Million Dollar Highway

The road is only 25 miles but is full of life and fun. Despites its short length, it is full of things to do and things to see while on your trip.

The highway offers outdoor recreation, which is great during the summer. Thanks to the goldmine in Silverton, one gets a gold rush taste on the trip. The hot spring in Durango is best for dips during the summer weather.

3. Historic Route 66


The historic route 66 offers one of the best road trips in the world. The iconic road covers several states in the USA. The most significant portion of the road between Los Angeles and Chicago provides an unforgettable trip. Cruise down the route 66 this summer and visit the unforgettable Meramec Caverns, Grand Canyon, and the Petrified Forest.

4. Pacific Coast Highway

The highway is also known as Highway 1. The road stretches along the coast of California. An unbeatable view the shoreline, cities, and parks are available from this iconic road trip.

A lot of California’s history is available along this iconic road. Several pit stops along the road provide great scenes for photoshoots. The trip should take a week or more to compete.

5. The Great River Road

The Mississippi River is one of the longest rivers in the world. The Great River Road runs for 300 miles along the river. Going through ten different states, driving around the road takes approximately 36 hours.

The trip offers great scenic views of the Nelson Dewey State Park and Trail State Park. It also provides access to the Delta Blue Museum and the Historic New Orleans Collection.As you plan to take a vacation this summer, you should plan on checking out one of the above listed scenic roads.