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7 Best Rehab Centers In Florida

It is impossible to overcome addiction on your own. Even if you can quit using drugs or alcohol, many changes need to take place if you want a better life. The smartest step you can take is to seek help at a rehab center.

Fairwinds Treatment Center

Located in Clearwater, Florida, Fairwinds has been treating individuals with substance abuse and other issues for 30 years. As each person is unique, Fairwinds offers care to suit each individual.

Examples include detox and stabilization, both residential and outpatient care, and aftercare for those who have completed a rehab program.

United Recovery Project Rehab Center

In Hollywood, Florida, this rehabilitation center can help you understand yourself and your life. You can learn how to develop a healthy life without alcohol or drugs.


The center offers a variety of therapies. Cognitive behavioral therapy, individual therapy, medication management, relapse prevention, health and wellness, and life skills are some examples. Your initial assessment will help the staff develop the right treatment plan for you.

Transformations Drug And Alcohol Treatment Center

You can have a specialty treatment program in a beautiful environment at Transformations. In a luxurious atmosphere, you will have your own private room and a private bathroom.

The Delray Beach center offers personalized treatment plans and a holistic approach to recovery.

The Recovery Village

In Umatilla, Florida, this recovery community offers a wide range of therapies and treatment programs. The comprehensive programs are especially useful for individuals who have mental health issues in addition to substance abuse.

The Florida House Experience


In Deerfield Beach, Florida, you can have a medically integrated approach to addiction disorders. Its levels of care include detox, residential treatment, outpatient care, sober living, and aftercare. They also offer a special recovery program for women.

First Step Of Sarasota

First Step rehab has a high success rate, and was started in 1967. The center takes an evidence-based approach to addiction treatment. Each person receives an assessment so a personalized treatment plan can be developed.

Gulf Breeze Recovery

Located in Gulf Breeze, Florida, this center offers non-12 step recovery. Their holistic approach is known as Total Health Recovery. When individuals learn the underlying reasons for abusing alcohol or drugs, they have a better chance of recovering. Your life can be happier, healthier, and fulfilling.

There is more to addiction than dependency on alcohol or drugs. When you want a great future, do not try to overcome addiction alone. Instead, check to see which rehab center will meet your needs. It is the first step to a better life.