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What Is Plasma Gel Filler?

What Is Plasma Gel Filler?

Plasma gel is a type of gel that is used in facial treatment. A plasma gel filling is an autologous method used for medical rejuvenation. It is replacing a hyaluronic acid filling; it is more beneficial than some alternative treatments such as botox.

It is a natural product that makes the body absorb quickly. It is one of the exciting practices ever introduced in the beauty industry.

It is a method used for wrinkle treatment. A plasma gel is usually prepared from the patient’s blood. It after that, injected to the affected areas or the target areas to lift, volumize and rejuvenate neck, face, or hands. It uses the principle of collecting the patient’s plasma healing properties.


The thrombocytes from our blood ad proved to be having a lot it proteins that have some growth factors. The protein is the ones responsible for healing any damaged skin, even that damaged by oxidation, aging, and exposure to harmful environmental factors.

When these plasma gel has been injected into your body, it triggers a natural thrombosome reaction to proliferate and repair damaged skin cells and in the process increasing your skin volume, which becomes radiant, firmer, and rejuvenated.

Treatment process


During plasma gel treatment, a doctor takes your blood, about 10 milliliters, and then centrifuge, filters, and processes your blood sample to create the platelet-rich serum. This becomes a plasma gel that is 100% natural.

The benefits of using plasma gel include;

It does not have any risk related

Minimally invasive procedure

Painless and no sedation is used in the process

No side effects

Reduced costs because it utilizes autologous blood as its filler

After this treatment, the patient may experience mild reddening and swelling. The good thing is that this procedure won’t interfere with your daily routine; you can continue with your activities after the process.