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What is The Difference Between Hemp Oil and CBD Oil

Both the hemp oil and the CBD oil are found in plants of the same species, cannabis. Cannabidiol (CBD), is a compound found in cannabis or hemp plant. The hemp and CBD oil are similar regarding composition, but their applications differ considerably. Therefore, as a consumer, you need to distinguish between the two products. It is essential for you to be sure of what you are getting from one of those food stores.

This article will present a highlight of these differences which will probably give you a clearer insight into the oils.


CBD oil is obtained from cannabis and hemp plants, and it has cannabidiol as the main constituent. It is obtained from the leaves, stalks, and buds of the plant, at the specific points known to have high contents of the compound CBD.


The extracts may contain low quantities of THC, but it should be lower than the globally regulated level. CBD oil is mainly used for medicinal purposes as it offers numerous health benefits to the human body.

What are the uses of CBD oil?

Due to its medicinal advantages, it is mainly applicable in the medical sector. The CBD oil has low contents of THC, and therefore it is not psychoactive. It is used in the treatment of various disorders such as depression, anxiety, epilepsy and inflammatory.

CBD is also known to kill cancerous cells, and therefore it is very significant in the medical domain towards the cure for cancer.

Hemp Oil

Hemp oil is obtained from a plant known as hemp, of the cannabis species. Though unlike the CBD oil, hemp oil is obtained from the seeds of the hemp plant. These seeds contain a high amount of fats in them up to half of their weight.

Oil and CBD Oi

Hemp oil which is available for use is made only from the industrial hemp plant since it does not have high amounts of saturated fats. It means that hemp is suitable for consumption.

What Are the Uses of Hemp Oil?

Hemp oil is mainly used for cooking purposes since it has high nutritional value. It gives the food a delicious taste as well due to its pleasant palate. It is also used to produce lotions and toilet soaps in the place of olive oil since it has a moisturizing effect which is beneficial to the skin. It has also become a substitute for petroleum and is used as a base for some plastics.

Differentiating the CBD Oil and Hemp Oil

You should note that, though both the hemp and CBD oils are mainly composed of cannabidiol, they are made from different plants.

While CBD oil is obtained from the cannabis plant, hemp oil is only obtained from the industrial hemp plant. The industrial hemp extracts contain lower levels of CBD than the extracts for CBD oil.

As much as the oils altogether have benefits to our bodies, their differences determine the applications. Therefore, having a more precise distinction that hemp oil is applied in the kitchen while CBD oil is employed in the medical industry, will ensure that when you visit that hemp store online and make your order accordingly.


The CBD based products are becoming widespread and for you to benefit fully, understanding the differences between the various products is essential. As you plan to use any oils, you will use the appropriate product after this clear guide. These oils are beneficial, and they can be fully effective if they are used as per prescriptions or in the right manner as per their use.