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What Is The Best Headgear For Wrestling?

Headgear is a protective wrestling accessory that is worn to protect one’s head and ears while wrestling. Wrestling entails contact with an opponent whereby you give consistent blows and beating to your opponent to bring them down. When wrestling, you must adorn yourself with a headgear to stay protected.

For this reason, there are many online exhibitions and reviews that you can consider while buying a headgear. Even though getting the right headgear can be intimidating, this article aims at making your hassle less frustrating. It provides the best-selling headgear for wrestlers of any age. They are readily available and waiting for you to shop.

1. Cliff Keen Tornado

It parades the best example of dependability and safety. It has a patented vent system which makes it breathable. It has an advanced hearing system and a power-on tab for securing the gear to around the head. It is easy to put on and has ultra-deep sockets for your ears.


In as much as it offers safety, comfort comes first. Cliff Tornado is pocket affordable, and thus there is no reason to risk your life. When it’s worn, it is light enough to make you think you are not wearing headgear. Cliff Keen will give you an extended period of service owing to its durable make.

2. ASICS Aggressor

It ranks among the top-rated headgears. It features an impact resistant padding and a gel cushioning for improved safety. By this, the kit offers the perfect support for your head and keeps it aligned even after getting tough blows.

ASICS Aggressor offers you a cozy feel to motivate you to give your best during a match. Its design and style are an eye-catcher for many wrestlers.

3. Ring to Cage Deluxe

It features EVA passing and spandex for shock absorption and impact resistance. The strapping system covers the chin forehead and behind the head for the perfect cushioning and securing. Ring Cage Deluxe is slim, adaptable and provides a good hearing space.

4. ASICS Conquest

It features a polypropylene shell and an EVA padding to keep you protected. The padding is aimed at absorbing and distributing the shock from blows making them less severe.


It is highly breathable to ward off the noxious smell of sweat. The gear comes in different colors; hence there is one for everyone. It has adjustable straps to perfectly secure the gear. The make of the gear has proven to stand the test of time. It is lightweight, and if it is a fit, it is well secured to avoid distractors.


The headgear contends unimaginably with other gears in the market. RDX T1 offers much coverage to your ears and face, unlike other headgears.

It features a durable material the supremo shock foam that is impact absorbing, easy to put on and remove. Even after years of pulse-pounding the material still guarantees on your safety. It features the SSP ventilation system to enhance its breathability. RDX TI is worth every dollar since its quality is unbeatable.

There are many best-rated headgears for wrestling in the market today. With the reviews above, you have a clue on what brand to look for when it comes to your safety.