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What Happens If You Wear Heels Everyday

Wearing heels can give you confidence. It makes you appear taller than you actually are. You love wearing heels with your favorite dress. But, have you ever wondered what happens if you wear heels every day.

You can click for more information to get an idea on what heels can do to your body. Given below is a brief overview for your reference:

Cosmetic Problems


If you are wearing heels every day, you can end up irritating the bunions. You may get hammertoes and ingrown toenails. If you like the shape of your feet and you think these are beautiful, wear heels occasionally. Make sure you are investing in good heels as the material of the shoes can make a difference. The high heels should be comfortable.


When you are wearing heels, injuries are possible. All the pressure and extra weight fall on your front foot. If your ankle twists while walking in high heels, it can cause a fracture.

Such injuries can cause so much pain. High heels are beautiful but carrying them is an art. Everyone is not capable of wearing high heels. You should select the heel as per your convenience.

Skeleton Alignment

You skeleton alignment could be affected by wearing heels. It is very important for you to maintain a good posture while standing. Overall skeletal alignment of your body should be perfect.

High heels

Make sure you have awareness on how to properly stand and walk in high heels. If you are using heels that are broader or normal in size, it would be easier to carry them in comparison with high heels.

Final Words

The health of your feet is important. It should be your priority. You have to remember that you are the only person in this world, who is going to think the best for you! You know what’s better for your feet. It is a good idea to skip wearing heels whenever possible as it is not a compulsion but a choice!