Social Life VS. Fitness Life: Can You Have It Both Ways?

Alcohol consumption and fitness will never at a time correlate or agree. FITNESS practitioners bluntly say that drinking causes exhaustion, water retention, weight gain and immediate setbacks. Okay but this doesn’t imply that you throw all caution to the wind then eat like it’s the last day.

You might want to set out your priorities and attempt approaching life with a balanced mind. Living your life to the fullest should be as essential as being healthy and honestly having it both ways is possible.

What it all takes

• Crazy genetics
• Persistence
• Dedication
• A perfect everyday diet
• Excellent sleeping pattern
• Excellent training pattern

Seems easy right? You are probably telling yourself that it is easy to handle that. If it is easy, I adore you then however how willing are you to immediately jump back to a healthful lifestyle after consuming all kind of harmful drugs. The secret is called BALANCING.

How to do it

We need to have fun and live our lives right? No outing, no alcohol and strict diets are not the secrets. Neither is binge drinking. You can go out, eat what you like, get drunk and have fun with your friends without getting scared and miraculously still look fit. Your life shouldn’t circulate between work and gym – no!


Just have the right mindset and be willing to balance it all. On the other hand, FITNESS isn’t about looking all good physically but merely a lifestyle. After you go out, ascertain that you workout either at night or in the morning. Essential things should be prioritized in life while still managing to live a good experience. It’s up to you to choose to either drink or not.

Balancing your life is way better than revolving around something to appear good. Working out will keep you entertained, happy and determined in life.

We are all different; however, it’s better seeing results from your hard work that you had put into either in your lifestyle and career.

You need to remember living your life comes with hazardous effects in your health. Like drinking alcohol and all those drugs affect the body seriously so while drinking, don’t throw all caution to the wind in the name of I will exercise later after my hangover.


Choose specific drinks that will help you jump back to your weekly routine ASAP. This is important because, with time as you age, it becomes challenging to exercise vibrantly and recover back. You need to be persistent and never forget why your FITNESS is crucial. Never let things out of hand, no matter what.


Well so far so good. If you follow my advice, I am more than confident that you will have an almost perfect life. Your social life is also important to you. Keep having fun and doing all the fun stuff. You don’t need to limit that.

Another thing you also have to manage your time well. That is to say that if you go out nighttime, morning time you need to work out. Soon you will be the envy of your friends. I mean how is it that you are looking sexy and still enjoying your life? Life is stress-less if you balance it all.

About the Author Lucy Dixon

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