How Long Do Phi Brows Last


You are thinking about taking the plunge to change things up again by getting an expert microblading artist to do your eyebrows. Since this type of beauty, treatment makes it easy for you to look beautiful without any unnecessary fuss over doing making your eye up perfectly, you can save a lot of time in getting ready in the morning to go to work or to school.

Before you decide to have this kind of beauty art drawn on your eyebrows, it is important that you receive answers to the following questions.

How Long Does Microblading Last

If you are trying to make a decision on whether you should visit the salon for these services, one of the first things most people would like to know is how long does this art last. Since it is not permanent art like the tattoo, you need to know how often you will need to return and what will it cost to maintain this look.


The answer to this question will often differ from person to person. According to the latest information posted on sites that discusses boldbrows microblading training online, this semi-permanent art will last from at least 6 months up to 12 months. The duration time frame will depend on several factor, especially the type of care required to maintain it properly.

What type of Maintenance is required for Microblading Eyebrows?

Following the instructions that the microblading gives you is essential to your health, how it comes out, as well as how long these types of eyebrow procedure will last. For instance, once the process is complete, you are instructed not to any products that have retinol as an ingredient for at least 7 days.


You should also avoid drinking any kind of alcohol for a period between 48 to 78 hours. To make sure the brows are properly maintained, the technician will provide you with the essential aftercare cream. This type of cream is essential for 2 reasons including both protection and healing properties.

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