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Everything You Need to Know About Orbe Insurance

Insurance organisations provide various kind of insurance services. They include property insurance, life insurance, health insurance, automobile insurance etc. They help in securing the particular insured matter in case of an unplanned destructive phenomenon.

About ORBE Insurance

The Orbe is a product offered by an insurance company known as WellAway limited, and it entails a health insurance plan. It keeps you covered to curb financial constraints during an occurrence of health emergencies. This plan has added advantages since it offers coverage inclusive, life and disability, terrorism, kidnap and ransom plus dental and vision coverage.


The program has two options, Gold and Platinum plans, allowing members to choose according to their preferences and capabilities. Both the two options provide highly rated services. The gold plan has an annual limit of seven million dollars while the Platinum option has no yearly limit with a range of deductions rates to choose.

WellAway has worked to ensure that the lifestyle and health of their members blossom.

Reasons for Choosing WellAway

WellAway provides tremendous services to the members guarantying their safety regarding health concerns. They have spawned and generated different plans that are cost-friendly to suit different customers’ wants and preferences. WellAway allows the members to connect with physicians and doctors through their electronic platforms as well.


This means that the members can book appointments through mobile phones, communicate through a webcam and receive medical reports online. This program is known as E-consultation. Other benefits include:

– The terms of the plan are easy to understand as there are no co-payments

– Includes coverage for children who barely depend on parents/ sponsor but remain unmarried for up to 26 years.

– This plan has a wide variety of features such as maternity, dental and vision coverage, therefore satisfying most of the wants of the members.

– It includes evacuation and repatriation in case a member wants to be moved to a different facility.

– Previously existing medical conditions are included in the plan at no extra charge.

– Intensive care is offered enhanced by aspects such as E-consultation and ConciergeCare services.

Benefits of ConciergeCare services and E-consultation

E-consultation and ConciergeCare services aim at providing intensive and 24/7 services. Through E-consultation, members connect to doctors with ease through electronic devices.

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This reduces the time taken for visiting doctors to their examination rooms. The doctor can as well follow the progress of the patient without having to meet up and probably provide a second medical opinion if the patient does not respond well to the treatment offered. Other inclusive benefits are:

– Ensures appointment with the best medical services providers by providing a wide range of doctors to choose.

– Enhances white glove customer service which is comparable to services in 5-star facilities.

– Offers provider search linkages.

In conclusion, health is a crucial factor when it comes to leading a delightful lifestyle. Since an ailment or any other form of health hazard can be unpredictable, it is essential to consider a health insurance programme as a way of enhancing safety. The services offered by different insurance organisations vary hence selecting one depends on your predilection. Choosing a company that provides quality services is the primary key to securing your health, a good company means good quality services hence more secure and advanced attention to your health issues.

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