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How to Select a Wedding Menu Based on Your Venue

Planning a wedding is an exhausting, yet thrilling process. From picking a wedding dress, through making the guest lists, to hiring a band, caterer, photographer, and number of other components of a once-in-a-lifetime event, it can be extremely stressful for both the weds-to-be and their close ones. The most common advice for wedding planning is to choose the venue first, and then plan everything else accordingly. This particularly applies to selecting a wedding menu. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a foodie yourself or not (although in most cases, the bride and the groom end up starving at their own reception due to all the fuss and nervousness), you want your wedding to be perfect in every way possible, including the menu. Below we shared the ultimate tips and tricks for how to choose a wedding menu which complements your venue and vice versa.

Consider your guests

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should go through the whole guest list of God-knows-how-many-names, and find out their eating habits and limitations – and even if you did, you wouldn’t be able to meet everyone’s preferences. However, you should think about the overall guest experience and decide on a menu that’s convenient for the atmosphere you’re aiming for – for instance, if a wedding reception is at the beach, an hors d’oeuvre which requires a knife and a fork wouldn’t be the best choice.

Get help

As much as it sounds fun, wedding planning comes with plenty of stress, pressure and tasks to handle. Taking everything upon yourself can be overwhelming, no matter how eager you are to walk down the aisle and say “I do” to your soulmate. This is why should not be reluctant to ask for help, either from your family and friends, or professionals. Also, if you live in big cities such as New York City, make sure to book vendors on time, since they’re usually busy months in advance. And to make sure that your guests will be raving about the food, hire professionals from the best catering companies in NYC, who will not only develop a menu that corresponds to your desired location, but make sure that the food looks irresistible and tastes delicious as well.

Be creative, yet practical

There are plenty of ways you can match the food with your surroundings. If it’s an outdoor location in the midsummer, use fresh flowers as a decoration for desserts or cocktails. Another option is to try to incorporate fruits and vegetables that are native to wherever the wedding reception is, or come up with a party theme which will bind the place and the food together. You can even get sentimental and serve the dish from your very first date on your wedding day – feel free to make all your wedding dreams come true, but make sure you’re realistic and practical about it. Money is an important component to think about, since food can get costly, especially in big cities. Have a discussion well ahead and go through the budget details with your partner or parents, in case they’re paying for the wedding, in order to avoid any financial or other sort of drawbacks and reach the optimal solution.

Planning the biggest party of your life is not easy, but all the hard work will pay off once the “walking down the aisle” day finally comes. Before the revelry kicks off, you naturally want to provide your guests with a delicious wedding meal and a fun drink, and no matter how simple this sounds, it takes time and effort. Take a note of the sure-fire guide we shared above for working with your caterer to build a wedding menu which fits perfectly with your venue.


A Hiking Road Trip Guide For The West Coast Of USA

A Hiking Road Trip Guide For The West Coast Of USA

Some of the most beautiful and satisfying hiking trails can be found on the west coast of the USA. The states of California, Oregon, and Washington provide the background for your next great outdoor adventure. Get some time away from electronic devices and the couch because it’s time to get back to nature.

Pack up your gear as you browse through this list of some top hiking spots to enjoy. Young or old, groups or singles, you are sure to find the perfect hike that fits your activity level. skill. and desire. Also, be sure to take a look at this page for more information.

Grab your backpack and lace up your boots. Let’s hike.

Shi Shi Beach, Washington


Coastal forests surround this trail as you descend deeper and deeper into the Olympic National Forest. The eight-mile round trip begins near the fish hatchery as a sandy trail. You will cross bridges and encounter boardwalks on the way to your goal – which is Point of Arches. This is a mile-long area formed from sea stacks of rocks.

Ecola State Park, Oregon

This park includes a network of trails to choose from. Most notably, an eight-mile portion of the famous Oregon Coast Trail and a 2.5-mile historic route named the Clatsop Loop Trail.

Beautiful sights along the way such as sun-bleached driftwood, tide pools, and bald eagles so stay alert as you hike and bring the camera.

The Lost Coast, California

One of the more challenging hikes you will find on the Pacific coast. It is aptly named because it is nearly impossible to even build roads to get to this area.


You will find this hike slow going due to the cliffs involved but the beaches below make it worth the effort. This trail stretches a full 25-miles from Mattole Beach up north, to Shelter Cove in the south. Hike short portions for a day trip or bring gear for a longer stay of more than one day.

Salt Point Bluffs – Bluffs State Park, California

6-miles of rugged and gorgeous trail await you here. Perfect for camping, hiking, or even horseback riding. Located near San Francisco, the trail leads to the picture-perfect and breathtaking Pacific Ocean. Take note of the sandstone you will see here and keep in mind that the streets of San Francisco were made from this back in the 1800s.

Can I Be Registered At Two Dentists

Can I Be Registered At Two Dentists

We have a pervasive myth that you should only have one dentist at one time. You can’t justify the truth about this myth, but registering with two dentists can bring up a lot of complications. By the law, it is not possible to get registered by two dentists. Gp only allows treatment for patients who are only registered with them.

Most Gp are only good at treating patients who are already registered with them, and they already have your data.

To get full range of dental care visit you have to be registered with a dentist. When you are registered with one particular dentist, you will have registered for life, unless when your dentist expresses the need for you to resign from his or her medical facility.

Dental Health

If it happens, you visit other dental care, and you don’t tell them you are already registered with another facility. Your registration will transfer you to that dental clinic automatically.

Not every dentist will be in a position to take NHS patients who are new. That is why it is essential to ask them if they can take you on NHS terms when you first interact with them.


When you have found out that your new-found dentist can take you in as an NHS patient, you will give your new dentist some information. In order to get registered as a new patient, you will be asked for your address and name.

Oral Hygiene

You will then asked to sign a specific registration form and make arrangements for your first checkup. At this stage it is important to be supplied with important information about the dental clinic including;

Opening hours

Contact information

Who will be doing your dental treatment?

In case you want to register your young ones, you should do it the same time you are registering yourself.

12 Event Planning Tips

12 Event Planning Tips

Memorable event moments do not just occur. Organizing and holding them takes planning. Whether it is a seminar, conference or just a customer appreciation day, and whether you have two weeks to plan or an entire year, the success of your event is dependent on how your plan it. Here, we have selected top 12 event planning tips from experts to ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

1. Organize your Time and Working Space

Having an efficient work habits sets the mood and foundation for a productive event organization. Plan your days, de-clutter your desk and make time for breaks. Even a 20-second break from your computer can help cut fatigue by half. Taking care of yourself means you will have time to focus and take care of everything else. However, it is a good idea to leave part of your day free from the unexpected. Almost 44% of event organizers say the biggest barrier to productivity in an event planning process is the last minute rush.

2. Draw and Stick to your Budget

Draw and Stick to your BudgetCreating and sticking to your budget is an essential process to help avoid the red line. Use the technology at your disposal to hone in activities that bring the highest returns. Besides, include a contingency plan into your budget to cater for the unexpected. Usually, between 5-25% is a good safety fund.

3. Choose reliable venue

Your location choice can make or break your stress level. You might settle for a nontraditional venue, which will create an unusual experience, while at the same time you want a place that is safe, trustworthy and easy to deal with. Having a venue that offers things like catering, seating and lighting can help take away the burden away from your to-do list. Additionally, having an additional technology like Wi-Fir at your perspective will only simplify your planning. If you’re having a hard time booking one of the more traditional event places, you can go with a co working space, it’s a cheaper option but provides with everything you’ll need to make it a successful event.

4. Have detailed contracts

The more information you include on your initial contract contains, the lesser the chances of misunderstanding and manipulation. It applies to the contracts you create and the ones your review from your partners. Always ask for full quotes and estimates for venues and other items that you want to be included in the event planning process. Take your time to read the print up front as this may save you from some headaches in the long run.

5. Minimize of last Minute Rush

Minimize of last Minute RushTo organize for an event, you will work with many stakeholders. From consultants to sponsors, set the expectations up front with each party and drop-dead point for any changes. Ensure you are clear with every party to help avoid any last minute changes that may occur due to oversight.

6. Check ticketing off Your List

Registration or ticketing should not be a tedious process. Check in with your ticketing provider to help you sell the tickets with far less effort. Select a ticketing partner that will assist you to distribute the events on discoverable sites across the web and sell tickets right from those sites. Also, use technology to integrate other activities like email marketing to orchestrate the event.

7. Engage the participants to help spread the word

Engage the participants to help spread the wordThe beauty of social media is that it helps you in marketing, but only if you enable it. It is not enough to have social media accounts. You need to seed them and have your friends help you spread the word. Create a consistent brand message, post it strategically and use each social media platform as it was intended.

8. Connect Your Marketing Plans

Once the social media marketing campaign is up, automate it as much as you can. You can use tools like Hoot suite aggregator to schedule posts across all platforms of interest. Also, tap into your tools analytics to check how your campaigns are doing.

9. Automate other processes that you can

Apart from social media efforts, there are other plenty ways of automating your tasks. Today, there are apps for virtually everything. For instance, you can sign up for Trello for easy communication, create a task and message everyone in the entire team just by a click of the button. Or sync your sales data by integrating the ticketing technology.

10. Make data your friend

Data can assist you to take away the uncertainty of marketing, sales and operation efforts. When you have numbers to back up your decision, you spend less time fretting about the choices you have made. Having an access to ROI from your marketing helps justify your spending. Additionally, having a robust data provides you with a negotiating power and assist you to analyze all your decisions.

11. Be prepared for anything to avoid attendee backlash

Whatever it may be, always ensure have a contingency plan to avoid attendee backlash. A local traffic, unseasonable weather, or broken technology-all can derail an event. Just have a tactical plan in place for anything that might go wrong.

12. Ask for feedback

As soon as your event is over, send out a survey. The response you receive will help you hone on the efforts that will bring you higher interest returns next time. To ensure that people actually read and submit your surveys, you can offer an incentive.

While planning an event, you will want to ensure that it is the most positive and delightful experience as possible. Here are a few tips to make your event run smoothly.

5 Tips to Make Your Events Run More Smoothly

5 Tips to Make Your Events Run More Smoothly

  1. Send Pre-Event Email with Check-In Details

A clear communication regarding the check-in process will be critical to ensure a smooth experience for all your visitors. Consider sending “how to check in” email to all the attendees before the event, so that people can be aware of what they need to enter the event.

  1. Go paperless

Create a logical check-in flowIn this age, checking into an event with paper and pen does not give a good first impression. Besides the inefficiency, it is also a reflection of your brand. You will want the attendees to feel that the event they are about to attend is worth their time and will teach them a lesson and expand their knowledge. A simple way to go paperless is to offer attendees a tablet to register.

  1. Integrate your Check-In platform with Event Management Software

One way to help transition digital check-in is to have an integration between EMS and check-in platform. The integration will ensure that the event registration data from your EMS is synced with the check-in software, hence making the process simple and smooth once the guests arrive.

  1. Create a logical check-in flow

Once the attendees have an arrived at the venue, they should know where to go to check-in and register. Organizing and having an onsite check-in flow in an intuitive and creative manner will help avoid long lines and confused attendees. In fact, there should be plenty of signage’s that designate a specific area. You need to map out the flow ahead of time and make sure all the staff members know where to direct the guests after each step.

  1.  Ensure an On Brand ExperienceEnsure an On Brand Experience

From the moment the guests walk in, the vent has begun. Thus, the event check-in experience should be reflective of your event brand. Instead of viewing the check-in process as just a logical step, claim the process as part of the event and ensure that it is being reflected so. Making a good first impression will give you a bonus point as it will last on the attendees’ minds for the rest of the event.