Can I Be Registered At Two Dentists

Can I Be Registered At Two Dentists

We have a pervasive myth that you should only have one dentist at one time. You can’t justify the truth about this myth, but registering with two dentists can bring up a lot of complications. By the law, it is not possible to get registered by two dentists. Gp only allows treatment for patients who are only registered with them.

Most Gp are only good at treating patients who are already registered with them, and they already have your data.

To get full range of dental care visit you have to be registered with a dentist. When you are registered with one particular dentist, you will have registered for life, unless when your dentist expresses the need for you to resign from his or her medical facility.

Dental Health

If it happens, you visit other dental care, and you don’t tell them you are already registered with another facility. Your registration will transfer you to that dental clinic automatically.

Not every dentist will be in a position to take NHS patients who are new. That is why it is essential to ask them if they can take you on NHS terms when you first interact with them.


When you have found out that your new-found dentist can take you in as an NHS patient, you will give your new dentist some information. In order to get registered as a new patient, you will be asked for your address and name.

Oral Hygiene

You will then asked to sign a specific registration form and make arrangements for your first checkup. At this stage it is important to be supplied with important information about the dental clinic including;

Opening hours

Contact information

Who will be doing your dental treatment?

In case you want to register your young ones, you should do it the same time you are registering yourself.

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