6 Tips for Wedding Photo Editing in Lightroom

Many people tend to think that photography at weddings ends after getting through the get quick session, the actual ceremony or after the reception. However, for wedding photographers, this is not the case. The photo shooting gets followed by editing and organizing of the photos.

The editing is the last step and can be overwhelming if you were not well prepared. The editing is what makes the images look great and fantastic from what we call good-looking.

Among the essential tools, you can use in the editing is Lightroom tools. The device is a must-have for all wedding photographers. And since the app handles the editing and organizing all together, it fastens the editing procedures. However, you cannot use Lightroom CC if you understand nothing about the Lightroom tools. As a result, in this article, we discuss top six tips for wedding photo editing in Lightroom as discussed below.

1. Choosing the Photos to Edit



When you start the editing process, you need first to determine the photos you want to edit. You can import the images inside the library using the “Add to Collection” tab. After the importations, you can cull all the photos using the flags or stars culling processes.

2. Employ the Use of Shortcuts

Another great way to improve on your workflow is to use the shortcuts. By doing this, you increase the speed as well as the efficiency of the workflow. You can use many of the numerous alternatives that associate with wedding workouts.

Among the most noted Lightroom shortcuts include keyboard keystrokes and lightroom presets. In comparison to other processes, the use of these two shortcuts speeds up the editing process.

3. Divide the Editing Process

Among the best ways to go about photo editing is including stages in the process. After uploading the photos and culling them, you can consider applying the presets and continuing the means to the end. Editing in scenes helps to notice some of the essential features left out in the previous step. As a result, it facilitates the high quality of the final products. You can group the stages as follows;

• Uploading and culling the photos,

• Applying the presets, making colors and editing the exposures,

• Go through the images and apply additional adjustments, cropping and healing brush.

4. Use the Retouch Capabilities

With every photo shooting, the scenario and background can change. As a result, some of the photos may end with some imperfections. With such images make good use of the retouch abilities of the Lightroom tool.


It’ll allow you to make adjustments where you feel necessary which in return enhances the looks of the image. And this is one feature among which makes Lightroom a powerful tool in photo editing.

5. Reducing the Digital Noise

Digital noise happens when you take the photo under low light. You can tell your images to have digital sound if when zoomed, the image appears pixilated.

As a photographer, there are cases when the shooting will happen under low light. To minimize the noise, consider sharpening the landscapes with detail slider.

6. The use of the Crop Tools

Apart from cropping, use these tools to straighten any crooked lines. Also, you can adjust aspect ratio, and tilting the corners among many uses.

In conclusion, Lightroom is an essential tool for wedding photographers in the editing of pictures to make them perfect. Consider using this tool and see what changes it brings into your wedding photo editing experience.

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