5 Tips to Make Your Events Run More Smoothly

5 Tips to Make Your Events Run More Smoothly

  1. Send Pre-Event Email with Check-In Details

A clear communication regarding the check-in process will be critical to ensure a smooth experience for all your visitors. Consider sending “how to check in” email to all the attendees before the event, so that people can be aware of what they need to enter the event.

  1. Go paperless

Create a logical check-in flowIn this age, checking into an event with paper and pen does not give a good first impression. Besides the inefficiency, it is also a reflection of your brand. You will want the attendees to feel that the event they are about to attend is worth their time and will teach them a lesson and expand their knowledge. A simple way to go paperless is to offer attendees a tablet to register.

  1. Integrate your Check-In platform with Event Management Software

One way to help transition digital check-in is to have an integration between EMS and check-in platform. The integration will ensure that the event registration data from your EMS is synced with the check-in software, hence making the process simple and smooth once the guests arrive.

  1. Create a logical check-in flow

Once the attendees have an arrived at the venue, they should know where to go to check-in and register. Organizing and having an onsite check-in flow in an intuitive and creative manner will help avoid long lines and confused attendees. In fact, there should be plenty of signage’s that designate a specific area. You need to map out the flow ahead of time and make sure all the staff members know where to direct the guests after each step.

  1.  Ensure an On Brand ExperienceEnsure an On Brand Experience

From the moment the guests walk in, the vent has begun. Thus, the event check-in experience should be reflective of your event brand. Instead of viewing the check-in process as just a logical step, claim the process as part of the event and ensure that it is being reflected so. Making a good first impression will give you a bonus point as it will last on the attendees’ minds for the rest of the event.

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