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How Long Do You Live After Being Diagnosed With Parkinson’s?

Determining the life expectancy of an individual diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease can be a bit difficult since our bodies are all different. The way the disease may progress in one person varies to another. Additional complications may also arise which could lead to a different outcome.

As you may know, Parkinson’s disease is caused by the rapid death of dopamine cells which are responsible for movement. Scientists are yet to establish the cause of this ailment, but it has been linked to being a hereditary condition.

The condition can affect a person’s quality of life. This is due to the inability to move. To be able to combat this ailment and ensure the affected person enjoys a high-quality life, it is best if you understand more about it.

Parkinson’s disease is considered a progressive ailment. That is, it gets worse with time. It usually manifests in tremors and slow movements and later progresses to postural inability. The condition is prevalent amongst people aged above 60 years.


Being a condition like any other, with the right Parkinson Plan, you can enjoy a high-quality life.

The Life Expectancy of Patients Diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease

There are a variety of factors that determine how long a person with Parkinson’s disease may live. The first aspect is gender. Research has proven that women with Parkinson live longer than men suffering from the same ailment.

The level of care administered to the patient also contributes immensely to the life expectancy. If the patient receives proper care from the early stages of Parkinson, then he/she may be guaranteed of an extended life expectancy.

Early detection is also another essential factor that determines the life expectancy of a person diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. When detected early, health complications which usually arise in later stages can be evaded. By addressing these conditions, these complications can be solved early in advance.


You will be surprised to find out that there are people who have lived for over 20 years after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Note that studies have proven that the condition has no real impact on life expectancy. This, therefore, begs the question;

Can You Die from Parkinson’s Disease?

You can’t die from the disease itself. However, additional complications caused by the disease is what may lead to death. The disease isn’t categorized as fatal.

One thing that Parkinson’s patients need to avoid is falling. Falls are lethal to those who have Parkinson. It may lead to bone damage and a couple of health complications. Moreover, the breathing of foreign objects can also result in death. This is because they may form blood clots or block arteries.

Final Thoughts

We can conclude that Parkinson’s disease doesn’t cause death. And, since our bodies respond differently to infections, we can’t determine a rigid period for those diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. After diagnosis, it is advisable that you seek proper health/physical and emotional care. Depression is one of the primary causes that lead to living a poor quality life. Hiring a caregiver isn’t sufficient. The patient needs to receive immediate attention from friends and family members.


Finding & Choosing The Best Drug Rehab Treatment Options

The first step towards overcoming addiction is deciding to change. And the next is to look for a recovery facility that will help you out. But when choosing a rehabilitation center, it is essential to consider which treatment choice will be best for you. Is it the inpatient or outpatient option? It is vital that you learn about these facilities before enrolling with them.

Addiction is terrifying. And treating it is not simple. But the good news is it doesn’t have to be difficult. With the right drug rehab center, you or your loved one can be helped to overcome this insidious disease. But how do I choose the right rehabilitation institution? Read this guide to find out.

1. Make a List of Your Goals

You have decided to get help to overcome addiction, and that is excellent. But the next step is to determine what your goals are. Setting your objectives will help you choose a treatment facility that will help you reach your goals. Rehabs have a different specialty. And even those with the same specialization will not give you the same level of success.

Timmy lights a glass pipe of crystal meth in the bathroom of his sober living home in San Clemente. He closes the window and turns the shower to steaming hot to disguise the smell. He said he got the meth a few days earlier from another addict at their outpatient treatment center in San Juan Capistrano. Less than an hour later his housemates call the house manager to report him being high. A few hours later he's kicked out and sent to Mission Hospital Laguna Beach where he spends the night.(Photo by Mindy Schauer, Orange County Register/SCNG)

When making your goals, start by deciding the substances/behaviors that you would want to recover from. After, consider if you have any medical issues which you would also like to get treatment at the same time. And with each objective, ensure that you list a time frame for it. For instance, if your goal is to detox and remain sober, make sure you indicate how long you intend on achieving that. It could be 20 or 30 days.

2. Determine the Programs Offered By a Drug Rehab

It is not easy to recover from addiction. It needs some level of commitment and consistency from the patient. But you also need a skilled and knowledgeable doctor, who has many years of experience helping people to recover from their addiction.

Without that, your efforts will be wasted. That is why it is crucial when looking for a drug rehab center, to consider the kind of programs they offer.

A good rehabilitation center should offer a variety of treatment programs that will enable individuals to achieve their goals. Programs may include inpatient, outpatient, short stay as well as residential.

3. Find out the Available Amenities

Through amenities, you can know whether a facility is an alcohol or drug rehab center. Now if you have a problem with alcohol addiction, it will be a complete waste of time and money if you enroll in a drug and substance abuse facility. Rehabilitation centers are just like hospitals.


There are those hospitals with state of the art equipment and excellent services. And there are those who don’t have as much amenities. The same applies to rehabs. If money is not an issue, we advise that you look for a facility which offers everything you are looking for.

4. Determine the Treatment and Therapies Provided

Different facilities use different treatment models and therapy options. That makes it possible for everyone to enroll in a facility that works for them. However, it also makes it possible to choose a center where the available options will not be a good fit for you. If it is your first time to get treatment, researching the different types of therapies will be a good start.

Also, ensure that you choose a center that has on-site medical care as they will have nurses and physicians who’ll monitor your recovery progress.

With thousands of rehabilitation institutions available today, it is hard for one to get the right school. But it is not impossible. Even though all drug rehabs claim they have the best recovery program, always look for the things we have discussed above to help you determine the best facility.


What Are The Four Branding Strategies?

We currently live in a world where a company’s integrity, name, customer experience and products are everything. Your brand is defined by the customer’s opinion based on how the company is perceived. A lot of companies have to employ a strategic approach to how they brand their products in order to get the most out of their customers.

Purpose and identity

As a company, one of your most significant impacts on the market is identity. It is how you make your mark if you are a new brand. If it is for an existing brand, it could be a product line extension that aims to introduce something new but similar to your original product. This strategy takes advantage of the pre-existing customer base.


Another thing to take into account when building this strategy is the nature of your brand. Is it something that already exists in the market or is it new? If so, why should customers be interested in your brand when there is already another. This will determine the position of your brand and how it will compete against other similar brands if there is any.

Brand’s consistency

Can your brand offer the same quality product that your target customers can learn to trust and expect? This helps build loyalty, which in turn boosts brand visibility.

You can survey both your customers and employees on whether your brand delivers what it promises all the time.

Brand experience

One of the most crucial strategy in branding is the connection a particular brand creates with its customers. Customers feel more drawn in by what a product makes them feel than what the product does for them.


If it is a car, you Want Branding that emphasizes comfort, lifestyle or excitement. What your car would give the customer rather than the technical attributes such as engine size, color or design. It plays into the need and desire of the customer making the brand form a deeper connection. This creates a niche in how they perceive your brand over others. It trains the customers on what to associate your brand with in terms of feelings rather than the product itself.

Brand advancement

Finally, brand outreach can further work in making your brand grow and become a household name like popular brands such as Coca-Cola, Apple among many. This first and foremost starts with your employees. Through them, you can create brand advocacy that can help build a brand that is inherently more powerful.

Your employees are your biggest asset in this as you could create brand ambassadors that have a significant presence and sway over social media. It is through here that they are able to run campaigns that they engage the community and customers through blogs and create interactive feedback that can be used by the company to improve both their products and the size of the target audience.

Your employees’ understanding of digital marketing, as well as traditional marketing, will give your brand an extensive reach on all demographics.

Your brand strategy defines your company and the image you convey to your customers. Big names like Disney, Starbucks, and many others have achieved enormous success through branding. Strategizing is crucial for products and services provided to the vast customer markets if you want to make it big in the world.


Social Life VS. Fitness Life: Can You Have It Both Ways?

Alcohol consumption and fitness will never at a time correlate or agree. FITNESS practitioners bluntly say that drinking causes exhaustion, water retention, weight gain and immediate setbacks. Okay but this doesn’t imply that you throw all caution to the wind then eat like it’s the last day.

You might want to set out your priorities and attempt approaching life with a balanced mind. Living your life to the fullest should be as essential as being healthy and honestly having it both ways is possible.

What it all takes

• Crazy genetics
• Persistence
• Dedication
• A perfect everyday diet
• Excellent sleeping pattern
• Excellent training pattern

Seems easy right? You are probably telling yourself that it is easy to handle that. If it is easy, I adore you then however how willing are you to immediately jump back to a healthful lifestyle after consuming all kind of harmful drugs. The secret is called BALANCING.

How to do it

We need to have fun and live our lives right? No outing, no alcohol and strict diets are not the secrets. Neither is binge drinking. You can go out, eat what you like, get drunk and have fun with your friends without getting scared and miraculously still look fit. Your life shouldn’t circulate between work and gym – no!


Just have the right mindset and be willing to balance it all. On the other hand, FITNESS isn’t about looking all good physically but merely a lifestyle. After you go out, ascertain that you workout either at night or in the morning. Essential things should be prioritized in life while still managing to live a good experience. It’s up to you to choose to either drink or not.

Balancing your life is way better than revolving around something to appear good. Working out will keep you entertained, happy and determined in life.

We are all different; however, it’s better seeing results from your hard work that you had put into either in your lifestyle and career.

You need to remember living your life comes with hazardous effects in your health. Like drinking alcohol and all those drugs affect the body seriously so while drinking, don’t throw all caution to the wind in the name of I will exercise later after my hangover.


Choose specific drinks that will help you jump back to your weekly routine ASAP. This is important because, with time as you age, it becomes challenging to exercise vibrantly and recover back. You need to be persistent and never forget why your FITNESS is crucial. Never let things out of hand, no matter what.


Well so far so good. If you follow my advice, I am more than confident that you will have an almost perfect life. Your social life is also important to you. Keep having fun and doing all the fun stuff. You don’t need to limit that.

Another thing you also have to manage your time well. That is to say that if you go out nighttime, morning time you need to work out. Soon you will be the envy of your friends. I mean how is it that you are looking sexy and still enjoying your life? Life is stress-less if you balance it all.


What Is The Best Headgear For Wrestling?

Headgear is a protective wrestling accessory that is worn to protect one’s head and ears while wrestling. Wrestling entails contact with an opponent whereby you give consistent blows and beating to your opponent to bring them down. When wrestling, you must adorn yourself with a headgear to stay protected.

For this reason, there are many online exhibitions and reviews that you can consider while buying a headgear. Even though getting the right headgear can be intimidating, this article aims at making your hassle less frustrating. It provides the best-selling headgear for wrestlers of any age. They are readily available and waiting for you to shop.

1. Cliff Keen Tornado

It parades the best example of dependability and safety. It has a patented vent system which makes it breathable. It has an advanced hearing system and a power-on tab for securing the gear to around the head. It is easy to put on and has ultra-deep sockets for your ears.


In as much as it offers safety, comfort comes first. Cliff Tornado is pocket affordable, and thus there is no reason to risk your life. When it’s worn, it is light enough to make you think you are not wearing headgear. Cliff Keen will give you an extended period of service owing to its durable make.

2. ASICS Aggressor

It ranks among the top-rated headgears. It features an impact resistant padding and a gel cushioning for improved safety. By this, the kit offers the perfect support for your head and keeps it aligned even after getting tough blows.

ASICS Aggressor offers you a cozy feel to motivate you to give your best during a match. Its design and style are an eye-catcher for many wrestlers.

3. Ring to Cage Deluxe

It features EVA passing and spandex for shock absorption and impact resistance. The strapping system covers the chin forehead and behind the head for the perfect cushioning and securing. Ring Cage Deluxe is slim, adaptable and provides a good hearing space.

4. ASICS Conquest

It features a polypropylene shell and an EVA padding to keep you protected. The padding is aimed at absorbing and distributing the shock from blows making them less severe.


It is highly breathable to ward off the noxious smell of sweat. The gear comes in different colors; hence there is one for everyone. It has adjustable straps to perfectly secure the gear. The make of the gear has proven to stand the test of time. It is lightweight, and if it is a fit, it is well secured to avoid distractors.


The headgear contends unimaginably with other gears in the market. RDX T1 offers much coverage to your ears and face, unlike other headgears.

It features a durable material the supremo shock foam that is impact absorbing, easy to put on and remove. Even after years of pulse-pounding the material still guarantees on your safety. It features the SSP ventilation system to enhance its breathability. RDX TI is worth every dollar since its quality is unbeatable.

There are many best-rated headgears for wrestling in the market today. With the reviews above, you have a clue on what brand to look for when it comes to your safety.

Hot Woman

How to Take Sexy Nudes, According to Boudoir Photographers

Taking selfies of your naked body using your phone’s camera will not yield that what you want. The only way to get sexy nude photos is when you hire a professional to do the task for you. And more importantly is getting one from Boudoir Photographers.

However, before you can go hiring a professional to do the work for you, there are a few essential facts that you should know. These are the keys to get the best nude photos from a professional photographer, and include;

1. Setting a Proper Mood

To us, not many do seriously consider to set their moods before taking a photo. It’s important to note that, as pose and facials are essential for a perfect photo session, so is the attitude. You should consider thinking more about what to wear, the scenery to make sure that you’re on the best moods.

2. Put Less of Poses and Facial Expression

When you’re taking a nude shot, you should keep everything less complicated. Most of the best photos are those captured under a natural posture.


Such situations share the level of authentic intimacy that you do share when in the bathroom and especially with your partner. Therefore, most boudoir photographers will ask you to chill and enjoy the shooting. And this is the best way to take sleeklens photos.

3. Select a perfect Outfit

If you want to make some excellent images, you should always try not to start high. Consider starting with some cover-up and slowly find your way up as being completely naked can be a bit disturbing.

You should always get the outfits earlier on and arrange them in the sequence you want to wear them. You only need to carry some bras and underwear as the most critical parts.

4. Be Well Prepared

You want to make sure that everything turns out perfect in the best way as possible. You should, therefore, take time to make sure that you properly attend to your hair. Combine the hair making with some makeup necessities.


When your body gets readily prepared, you won’t even realize it before your outfits are entirely down. You can also consider some sexy music background, a glass of wine during your nude photo session. It acts as a moment of mental preparation which is ideal especially with all beginners.

5. Prepare Your Room

If you want to make your work right, you should always consider taking the sexy nude photos from a clean, luxurious and well-lit room. You want the pictures to come out perfect, and you don’t want to diminish the beauty added on you by having a bad background. The background of your room should increase the vision that you have on your body.

However, consider natural light as a better idea than artificial lighting. Note that, natural light adds a soft, sensual touch to the pictures you take and this is all that you want.

Taking nude images is not a simple task. It requires setting a good mood, choosing perfect outfits, preparing your body and the background as well. These are the basics to making your nude photo shoot a fantastic experience. If you were looking for a way to improve, I hope you find help in reading this article.


What to Wear Running – a Short Guide

Running is an effective form of aerobic which can be done anywhere without the need for expensive equipment or gym. Just because you can go for a run while in any clothing, it doesn’t mean you will enjoy it. There are certain running gears that you will need to make running more effective and enjoyable.

What to Wear While Running

1. Footwear

Running Socks

You should invest in the right running socks to prevent blisters, infections, dangling toenails, bursitis, and other foot problems. Running socks helps to keep your feet dry no matter how much you sweat while running.


It is recommended that you look for running socks that are comfortable and do not have seams that may irritate your feet. You should also choose socks that are reputable for their durability.

Never pick socks made from cotton since it tends to lock in moisture. You should get those made from materials such as synthetic since they wick out moisture. Select socks that can withstand weather changes by keeping your feet cool during hotter seasons and warm during cooler seasons.

Running Shoes

It is impossible to choose just one best running shoe because of the different sizes and shapes of feet. Getting the right running shoe can be difficult and it is recommended that you get fit by a salesperson first. You should try on several pairs of running shoes, and then go back to the pairs that were most comfortable.

2. Clothing

Sports bra

The right sports bra should be well fitting to lessen breast discomfort and prevent spillage during intense exercise. Avoid buying a sports bra online if you do not know your exact cup size.

You should get a bra that is breathable, smooth with a seamless inner lining for comfort.

Running Tights

You should get tights that fit well, feel warm and have other features like ankle cuffs and pockets. The pockets are useful for holding keys, running gels or credit cards.

Running Gloves and Ear Warmers

Running gloves are essential during the cold season since they help keep your hands dry and warm. When it comes to purchasing gloves, the characteristics of running socks apply here.


Having the right hat or ear warmers will keep your head and ears warm during the winter season. This will motivate you to go outside.

3. Gadgets


You can get wireless headphones for running to help keep you motivated while running. It is, however, important to note that the headphones should not have any bass.

This is to help you hear your surrounding for safety especially if you are running on busy streets.

Fitness Tracker

A fitness tracker helps to accurately count your steps and measure your heart rate while running. get a tracker that is easy to use and one with longer battery life.

Waist Belt Pack

The waist belt pack comes in handy when the running attire you are wearing does not have any pockets you can put your keys, phone, gels, energy snacks, and other small things you might need.

Summing Up

Do not forget to carry water while running to prevent getting dehydrated. The best water bottle should hold up to sixteen ounces of liquid which is enough to last for two hours.


What is The Difference Between Hemp Oil and CBD Oil

Both the hemp oil and the CBD oil are found in plants of the same species, cannabis. Cannabidiol (CBD), is a compound found in cannabis or hemp plant. The hemp and CBD oil are similar regarding composition, but their applications differ considerably. Therefore, as a consumer, you need to distinguish between the two products. It is essential for you to be sure of what you are getting from one of those food stores.

This article will present a highlight of these differences which will probably give you a clearer insight into the oils.


CBD oil is obtained from cannabis and hemp plants, and it has cannabidiol as the main constituent. It is obtained from the leaves, stalks, and buds of the plant, at the specific points known to have high contents of the compound CBD.


The extracts may contain low quantities of THC, but it should be lower than the globally regulated level. CBD oil is mainly used for medicinal purposes as it offers numerous health benefits to the human body.

What are the uses of CBD oil?

Due to its medicinal advantages, it is mainly applicable in the medical sector. The CBD oil has low contents of THC, and therefore it is not psychoactive. It is used in the treatment of various disorders such as depression, anxiety, epilepsy and inflammatory.

CBD is also known to kill cancerous cells, and therefore it is very significant in the medical domain towards the cure for cancer.

Hemp Oil

Hemp oil is obtained from a plant known as hemp, of the cannabis species. Though unlike the CBD oil, hemp oil is obtained from the seeds of the hemp plant. These seeds contain a high amount of fats in them up to half of their weight.

Oil and CBD Oi

Hemp oil which is available for use is made only from the industrial hemp plant since it does not have high amounts of saturated fats. It means that hemp is suitable for consumption.

What Are the Uses of Hemp Oil?

Hemp oil is mainly used for cooking purposes since it has high nutritional value. It gives the food a delicious taste as well due to its pleasant palate. It is also used to produce lotions and toilet soaps in the place of olive oil since it has a moisturizing effect which is beneficial to the skin. It has also become a substitute for petroleum and is used as a base for some plastics.

Differentiating the CBD Oil and Hemp Oil

You should note that, though both the hemp and CBD oils are mainly composed of cannabidiol, they are made from different plants.

While CBD oil is obtained from the cannabis plant, hemp oil is only obtained from the industrial hemp plant. The industrial hemp extracts contain lower levels of CBD than the extracts for CBD oil.

As much as the oils altogether have benefits to our bodies, their differences determine the applications. Therefore, having a more precise distinction that hemp oil is applied in the kitchen while CBD oil is employed in the medical industry, will ensure that when you visit that hemp store online and make your order accordingly.


The CBD based products are becoming widespread and for you to benefit fully, understanding the differences between the various products is essential. As you plan to use any oils, you will use the appropriate product after this clear guide. These oils are beneficial, and they can be fully effective if they are used as per prescriptions or in the right manner as per their use.


A Beginner’s Guide to the Most Common Types of Cigars

Choosing a cigar is a personal thing, people choose cigar depending on the flavor, price as well as the availability. If you are just beginning to learn about cigar, it is recommended that you first start with the best mild and the mild to medium cigars which are today available on the market. Below is a beginner’s guide to the most common types of cigars.


These are the most common cigar types; many people refer to it as the shortest member of the cigar family. An average Robusto can measure up to 5 inches long, and it also has a high ring gauge which is simply the cigar’s diameter, it is mainly between forty to fifty, each gauge usually is 1/64 of an inch, for instance, a cigar which has a ring gauge of 32 will be 1/-inch in diameter.


It is important to note that these numbers always vary by the producers as well the country of origin. With this information, the next time you step into a cigar shop, you will be in a position to choose the kind of cigar that best suits your needs and taste.


It has a head that is sharply tampered and is the beefiest of the bunch. It has a ring gauge which ranges from 48 to 54 which are typically 5-6.5 inches long. They have a conical shape and the typical cigar for mobsters since they normally smoke with a high concentration but with a cool draw.

Therefore, Belicoso is not recommended for the novice smokers, and it is important to note that smoking this will need you to commit about an hour of your time.


They are normally longer and slimmer than other cigars; they have a ring gauge of 34-38. They normally take a lot of time to smoke, precisely 2 hours; this is because of their length which is long. The interesting thing about this is that it has different smoke phases, this means that the flavor, texture as well as the aroma may change as one burns it down.


Many people admire corona because of its wide range of flavors, they are referred to as the golden standard of cigars, and they are normally 5.5 to 6 inches long and also have a 42 ring gauge. Despite their great flavor, they also have a smoke that is very light making them the most preferred cigar especially for those people who might find that other cigars are too harsh for them.


Just as the corona cigar, Lonsdale also has a light smoke that comes with flavor. They come in different brands that are almost of the same diameter as the corona cigar; however, some are always a bit longer than the coronas. For those who might be interested in longer and flavored cigars, Lansdale is the one to go for.


Even if one is not cigar fanatic, you should be able to know the type of cigar you would go for if by any chance you would like to have one in the future. This is why the above piece is brought up to help you know the right cigar for you.


6 Tips for Wedding Photo Editing in Lightroom

Many people tend to think that photography at weddings ends after getting through the get quick session, the actual ceremony or after the reception. However, for wedding photographers, this is not the case. The photo shooting gets followed by editing and organizing of the photos.

The editing is the last step and can be overwhelming if you were not well prepared. The editing is what makes the images look great and fantastic from what we call good-looking.

Among the essential tools, you can use in the editing is Lightroom tools. The device is a must-have for all wedding photographers. And since the app handles the editing and organizing all together, it fastens the editing procedures. However, you cannot use Lightroom CC if you understand nothing about the Lightroom tools. As a result, in this article, we discuss top six tips for wedding photo editing in Lightroom as discussed below.

1. Choosing the Photos to Edit



When you start the editing process, you need first to determine the photos you want to edit. You can import the images inside the library using the “Add to Collection” tab. After the importations, you can cull all the photos using the flags or stars culling processes.

2. Employ the Use of Shortcuts

Another great way to improve on your workflow is to use the shortcuts. By doing this, you increase the speed as well as the efficiency of the workflow. You can use many of the numerous alternatives that associate with wedding workouts.

Among the most noted Lightroom shortcuts include keyboard keystrokes and lightroom presets. In comparison to other processes, the use of these two shortcuts speeds up the editing process.

3. Divide the Editing Process

Among the best ways to go about photo editing is including stages in the process. After uploading the photos and culling them, you can consider applying the presets and continuing the means to the end. Editing in scenes helps to notice some of the essential features left out in the previous step. As a result, it facilitates the high quality of the final products. You can group the stages as follows;

• Uploading and culling the photos,

• Applying the presets, making colors and editing the exposures,

• Go through the images and apply additional adjustments, cropping and healing brush.

4. Use the Retouch Capabilities

With every photo shooting, the scenario and background can change. As a result, some of the photos may end with some imperfections. With such images make good use of the retouch abilities of the Lightroom tool.


It’ll allow you to make adjustments where you feel necessary which in return enhances the looks of the image. And this is one feature among which makes Lightroom a powerful tool in photo editing.

5. Reducing the Digital Noise

Digital noise happens when you take the photo under low light. You can tell your images to have digital sound if when zoomed, the image appears pixilated.

As a photographer, there are cases when the shooting will happen under low light. To minimize the noise, consider sharpening the landscapes with detail slider.

6. The use of the Crop Tools

Apart from cropping, use these tools to straighten any crooked lines. Also, you can adjust aspect ratio, and tilting the corners among many uses.

In conclusion, Lightroom is an essential tool for wedding photographers in the editing of pictures to make them perfect. Consider using this tool and see what changes it brings into your wedding photo editing experience.