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6 Tips for Wedding Photo Editing in Lightroom

Many people tend to think that photography at weddings ends after getting through the get quick session, the actual ceremony or after the reception. However, for wedding photographers, this is not the case. The photo shooting gets followed by editing and organizing of the photos.

The editing is the last step and can be overwhelming if you were not well prepared. The editing is what makes the images look great and fantastic from what we call good-looking.

Among the essential tools, you can use in the editing is Lightroom tools. The device is a must-have for all wedding photographers. And since the app handles the editing and organizing all together, it fastens the editing procedures. However, you cannot use Lightroom CC if you understand nothing about the Lightroom tools. As a result, in this article, we discuss top six tips for wedding photo editing in Lightroom as discussed below.

1. Choosing the Photos to Edit



When you start the editing process, you need first to determine the photos you want to edit. You can import the images inside the library using the “Add to Collection” tab. After the importations, you can cull all the photos using the flags or stars culling processes.

2. Employ the Use of Shortcuts

Another great way to improve on your workflow is to use the shortcuts. By doing this, you increase the speed as well as the efficiency of the workflow. You can use many of the numerous alternatives that associate with wedding workouts.

Among the most noted Lightroom shortcuts include keyboard keystrokes and lightroom presets. In comparison to other processes, the use of these two shortcuts speeds up the editing process.

3. Divide the Editing Process

Among the best ways to go about photo editing is including stages in the process. After uploading the photos and culling them, you can consider applying the presets and continuing the means to the end. Editing in scenes helps to notice some of the essential features left out in the previous step. As a result, it facilitates the high quality of the final products. You can group the stages as follows;

• Uploading and culling the photos,

• Applying the presets, making colors and editing the exposures,

• Go through the images and apply additional adjustments, cropping and healing brush.

4. Use the Retouch Capabilities

With every photo shooting, the scenario and background can change. As a result, some of the photos may end with some imperfections. With such images make good use of the retouch abilities of the Lightroom tool.


It’ll allow you to make adjustments where you feel necessary which in return enhances the looks of the image. And this is one feature among which makes Lightroom a powerful tool in photo editing.

5. Reducing the Digital Noise

Digital noise happens when you take the photo under low light. You can tell your images to have digital sound if when zoomed, the image appears pixilated.

As a photographer, there are cases when the shooting will happen under low light. To minimize the noise, consider sharpening the landscapes with detail slider.

6. The use of the Crop Tools

Apart from cropping, use these tools to straighten any crooked lines. Also, you can adjust aspect ratio, and tilting the corners among many uses.

In conclusion, Lightroom is an essential tool for wedding photographers in the editing of pictures to make them perfect. Consider using this tool and see what changes it brings into your wedding photo editing experience.


The Best Way to Learn Wedding Photography

The art of wedding photography is both exact and delicate. It takes more than good equipment and dedicated work to record the environment of the wedding, as well as masterfully create the portraits of the bride, the groom, their families and relatives, and the wedding guests.

Aside from fulfilling the wishes of the bride and the groom, the professional wedding photographer should also be keen on determining the next events in an unscripted manner.

There has to be enough creativity in wedding photography. To capture the best wedding photographs, the photographer must have the important qualities of patience, persistence, and selflessness during that momentous event. There are, however, several other things that the wedding photographer should look out for on top of the objective of getting the best pictures for the event.


The wedding is an important event for the people who are involved, and the photographer must bear in mind that wedding photography is not the only thing in a wedding ceremony. The photographer should see to it that he does not become a physical obstruction to the ceremony itself even while he goes through his duty of capturing memorable shots. It is short of saying that the photographer should be virtually invisible to the duration of the event.

The solemnity of the event could easily be ruined by a haphazard photographer who meanders during the event indiscreetly. Improper positioning of the photographer could make the event suffer, and major distractions could result from such irresponsible movements.

The taking of group shots is another aspect of wedding photography that needs to be dutifully considered insofar as its seeming obstruction is concerned. The photographer should document and not direct the wedding proceedings. The photographer should make his wedding photography blend with the surroundings and respond to the needs of every person in the event with enough skill and sensitivity towards the people’s privacy.

Being the perfect wedding artisan studio photographers is equally important as getting the best images, and this makes wedding photography such a demanding and exhaustive work. On top of all these, the wedding photographs stand to record history and document the wedding proceedings.


If your wedding will be in a formal setting, it is best to hire a wedding photographer that is traditional and more formal in his/her approach. This is because conventional photographers consider all the details when it comes to photography by establishing good angle shots.

If you want a unique and more candid style of wedding photography, then you should consider a photographer who specializes in reportage.

If your wedding is more contemporary, seek out photographers that specialize in that field. Some photographers are very specialist in one style of wedding photography. So if you choose the wrong one, you’re going to be bitterly disappointed.

It is like glossing over the wedding photographs of generations earlier than yours. It affords you to reminisce on past glorious events with nostalgia, and you can see and feel the romance of the times. Wedding photography should capture the essence and the true meaning of the wedding event and not misrepresent the true events. It should address the focal point of the event and not stray from the actual happenings of the wedding.

rubber stamp with inscription INSURANCE

Everything You Need to Know About Orbe Insurance

Insurance organisations provide various kind of insurance services. They include property insurance, life insurance, health insurance, automobile insurance etc. They help in securing the particular insured matter in case of an unplanned destructive phenomenon.

About ORBE Insurance

The Orbe is a product offered by an insurance company known as WellAway limited, and it entails a health insurance plan. It keeps you covered to curb financial constraints during an occurrence of health emergencies. This plan has added advantages since it offers coverage inclusive, life and disability, terrorism, kidnap and ransom plus dental and vision coverage.


The program has two options, Gold and Platinum plans, allowing members to choose according to their preferences and capabilities. Both the two options provide highly rated services. The gold plan has an annual limit of seven million dollars while the Platinum option has no yearly limit with a range of deductions rates to choose.

WellAway has worked to ensure that the lifestyle and health of their members blossom.

Reasons for Choosing WellAway

WellAway provides tremendous services to the members guarantying their safety regarding health concerns. They have spawned and generated different plans that are cost-friendly to suit different customers’ wants and preferences. WellAway allows the members to connect with physicians and doctors through their electronic platforms as well.


This means that the members can book appointments through mobile phones, communicate through a webcam and receive medical reports online. This program is known as E-consultation. Other benefits include:

– The terms of the plan are easy to understand as there are no co-payments

– Includes coverage for children who barely depend on parents/ sponsor but remain unmarried for up to 26 years.

– This plan has a wide variety of features such as maternity, dental and vision coverage, therefore satisfying most of the wants of the members.

– It includes evacuation and repatriation in case a member wants to be moved to a different facility.

– Previously existing medical conditions are included in the plan at no extra charge.

– Intensive care is offered enhanced by aspects such as E-consultation and ConciergeCare services.

Benefits of ConciergeCare services and E-consultation

E-consultation and ConciergeCare services aim at providing intensive and 24/7 services. Through E-consultation, members connect to doctors with ease through electronic devices.

A keyboard with a green button Insurance

This reduces the time taken for visiting doctors to their examination rooms. The doctor can as well follow the progress of the patient without having to meet up and probably provide a second medical opinion if the patient does not respond well to the treatment offered. Other inclusive benefits are:

– Ensures appointment with the best medical services providers by providing a wide range of doctors to choose.

– Enhances white glove customer service which is comparable to services in 5-star facilities.

– Offers provider search linkages.

In conclusion, health is a crucial factor when it comes to leading a delightful lifestyle. Since an ailment or any other form of health hazard can be unpredictable, it is essential to consider a health insurance programme as a way of enhancing safety. The services offered by different insurance organisations vary hence selecting one depends on your predilection. Choosing a company that provides quality services is the primary key to securing your health, a good company means good quality services hence more secure and advanced attention to your health issues.


What Are the Health Benefits of Medical Marijuana?

The legalization of cannabis is spreading like wildfire across the US, Canada and many countries across the world. At times, people may wonder why weed is being legalized but you’ll be surprised to learn that it has medically been proven to have tremendous benefits to the users. Still surprised?

Well, that’s acceptable but if you love weed, your body benefits a lot. If you’re still scratching your head wondering what marijuana can do to your body, relax and take a deep breath as we have prepared a list of top five health benefits of medical marijuana.

1. Stops cancer from spreading

Cancer is currently among the most deadly diseases in the world. Researchers are working day and night to stop cancer from killing more people and the good news is that they have found hope in marijuana. Wondering how? Well, experts have found out that cannabidiol, a compound found in marijuana turns off a gene called Id-1 which stops cancer cells especially bbreast cancer cells from spreading.


This is good news for any cannabis lover because it is a sure way of stopping cancer cells from spreading in your body and if you know anyone suffering from breast cancer, tell them to order medical marijuana from Cali Xpress and it will be delivered at their doorstep.

2. Treatment of chronic pain

Chronic pain is very common especially in the U.S and according to experts, nearly 25 million Americans are suffering from chronic pain. Chronic pain has been associated to cause disability but the good news is that you can live a healthy life by using marijuana.

This is because cannabis contains cannabinoids which are effective in relieving chronic pain. All you need to do is buy medical marijuana from your nearby dispensary and say no to chronic pain.

3. Treats glaucoma

Glaucoma is a serious eye condition that damages the optic nerves by increasing the pressure in the eyeball and this can cause vision loss. As matter of fact, glaucoma is one of the many reasons for states to allow medical marijuana because it works wonders in reducing the pressure inside the eye thereby treating glaucoma.


Therefore, besides getting your high, medical marijuana has tremendous benefits and if you feel your eyes have a problem, marijuana is the answer.

4. Treats depression

Marijuana has been regarded as a ‘green Prozac’ for many years due to its ability to treat depression. Today, this ability remains unchanged and if you’re feeling unhappy, medical marijuana could be your answer. Scientifically, marijuana has been proven to increase a happy hormone in your body known as serotonin which acts as an anti-depressant.

Without a doubt, depression is a serious mental condition but many people don’t like talking about it. And because you’re reading this article, you have a reason to remain happy because medical marijuana is what you want.

5. Prevents and regulates diabetes

Whereas many people like marijuana for the high feeling associated with it, others don’t like getting high so they avoid weed completely.


However, the same marijuana weed you avoid can do wonders in your body as it has medically been proven to treat and prevent diabetes. Also marijuana helps your body to regulate the production of insulin which in turn regulate body weight.

Final thoughts

The use of marijuana has been controversial for a long time. However, science has already proven how beneficial marijuana is to your health. Besides treating diabetes, depression, glaucoma, chronic pain and preventing the spread of cancer cells, medical marijuana also prevents Alzheimer’s disease, improve lung health, cure headache and many other benefits and you too can benefit by buying it in your nearby dispensary.


The Beginner’s Guide to Golf

Many golf training video in the market today will show you in great detail, how some of the PGA professionals do it and the so-called secrets behind their success.

From detailed specifics on why their playing techniques are so effective, to the preparation and exercise training they are usually involved in to keep themselves in tip-top condition and at a high level of golf-fitness.

Many of these training videos will also cover the most important subject at any golf forum, which is how to improve on the golf swing.

These training videos are extremely powerful tools that can help anybody improve their golf game dramatically. What I love most about most golf training videos, is the inspirational aspect.

Playing golf

Usually, moments after you have just finished watching a golf training video, the tendency is usually to feel extremely enthusiastic and inspired. And in most cases, you will tend to anxiously look forward to the next round of golf that you will be playing.

Inspiration is significant to anybody wishing to improve anything in his or her life. This is because inspiration tends to help the individual to develop a deeper interest in the game, which without even the added techniques learned, will always tend to help the person show great improvements in the particular area of interest.

This is exactly what these training videos tend to do for most golfers.

The place where this game is played out is a wide-open outdoor course known as the Golf course. There are several sorts of course based on Size, setting, and design. When it comes to size, you’ll find courses which happen to have 9-18 holes, and regarding design, the most typical course is the Parkland course which utilizes rich green grasses, and there are tons of trees and even a small lake.


The main rule of this sport is equity. Every player will have to be in a position to play with all honesty, and they need to respect the other players also. Next is the gears that you need to take part in the game. You simply will not be able to have fun with this sport without this stuff.

A player will need its Golf club, and professionally, they have to possess no less than 14 diverse clubs throughout the game. You’ll also need to have balls, tee, shoes, plus the gloves.

Regarding the strokes, the full swing or drive is used to develop momentum when hitting a golf ball specifically for very long distances. The half swing is required to cover short distances. The terminology of this sport is not that difficult to fully grasp. In particular; Birdie indicates a score less than one par; Bogey usually means a score one more than par and Eagle meaning a score two less than par.



Inspiration is significant to anybody wishing to improve anything in his or her life. This is because inspiration tends to help the individual to develop a deeper interest in the game, which without even the added techniques learned, will always tend to help the person show great improvements in the particular area of interest. This is exactly what these training videos tend to do for most golfers.


How to Maintain Your Yacht

To keep your yacht running smoothly, you need to maintain it properly. Maintaining your yacht in excellent condition saves costs, and it is a safety precaution when you are out there with your family or friends.

Also maintaining your yacht will keep it looking new and increase its value if you decide to sell it. Discover some simple yacht maintenance ideas below that will keep it in the best condition.

1. Have your yacht checked by maintenance services

You should make it a routine to have your yacht inspected by a professional. They should identify any problem that is likely to occur and look for preventive measures.


The yacht maintenance services mostly deal with the engine parts. They should also repair any part that is damaged. There are various yacht maintenance services, and one of the most reliable ones is Miami Yacht Services. You can contact them through their website and make a booking.

2. Wash your yacht regularly

If you use your yacht in salty water, it can lead to corrosion of the metals and other parts of your yacht. The corrosion may make your yacht look old and unmaintained. Therefore, washing it thoroughly, will remove the salt residue.

If you decide to clean it yourself, make sure that you find the right soaps and cleaners specifically meant for yachts. However, you can get professional yacht cleaners to wash it efficiently.

3. Change the oil in the yacht

Most people do not change the oil in the yacht until problems develop. You can change the oil all by yourself, or you can pay the local dealers. Changing the oil is an easy process and does not take much time.

Miami Yacht

When changing the oil, make sure that you use the recommended oil for the yacht. Changing the oil improves the performance of the engine and also makes sure that it does not consume a lot of gas.

4. Check the propeller

It is essential to remove the propeller regularly and inspect if there is anything that has been wrapped around it. If you find something around the propeller, have your yacht checked since it can lead to gas leaks.

If the propeller has any signs of damage and dents have it repaired to avoid major problems.

5. Make sure the inside of your yacht is dry

If the yacht service is wet, one can slip and fall which may lead to serious injuries. After cleaning the yacht, ensure that it has dried before you start using it again. Drying the yacht will prevent dampness, and the moisture can cause damage to the wiring connections.


Maintaining your yacht should not be difficult once you follow the above steps. Every yacht requires to be maintained appropriately no matter the size. You should make sure that whenever you feel there is a problem with the yacht, do not wait till the issue becomes a major one but have it checked immediately. If you own a yacht, ensure that you have the contacts of reputable maintenance services that you can call anytime.

Find your own run

Best Fundraising Runs in US

As you look for the best marathon to participate, we would like to help you learn about some favorite charitable races in the United States. Charity runs dates back to 1969. People enjoy participating in them because it is a win-win situation.

They have a reason to run for, and they get a chance to support cases that are worth helping. When determining the validity of a fundraising run, you should first understand how your funds will get utilized. Ask the holders of the race to reveal the specifics of the run. You can use the guide below as a starting point.

Best Runs and the Charities they fund

Boston Marathon

This is a non-profit fundraising run that happens in Boston, Miami. It includes a half-marathon of 13.1 miles and a full marathon of 26.2 miles.


Its primary sponsor is John Hancock. It supports at least 30 charities per year. They collect more than $12 million annually that supports various needs within the larger Boston.

The Color Run

This is a charitable run that is hosted in more than 100 cities in the US. The primary sponsors are Kind Snacks and Shout. The participants of the series can support the movement through signing up for fundraising to support five non-profits whose endeavors is to eradicate extreme poverty.

Color Run also supports local organizations and has donated more than $3 million to charitable foundations.

Spartan Race

This charity run is located in more than 50 cities. It has a length of 10 miles with obstacles. Reebok is the primary sponsor of the event. The run was founded in 2004, and it has financed the building of over 100 homes for veterans who have been injured during a crisis.


They recently launched an initiative to build 100 more homes. They are looking forward to your support to assist us to achieve our mission. It gives the team hope to go back to their normal life.

Tough Mudder

This run happens in more than 50 cities in the United States. The length ranges between 10 to 12 miles with obstacles in place. The primary sponsors of the event are Met-Rx, Dos Equis, Under Armour, Bic, Wheaties, and the U.S. Army.

Currently, this fundraising run has raised over $6 million to take care of thousands of soldiers coming back from battle. Ragnar

Ragnar fundraising run happens in 15 cities in the United States. It involves a200 mile relay. The primary sponsors of the event include Scott James Jewelry, Sweat Vac, Nuun, Peace Tea, Petzl, and Clif. The mission of this race is to support the communities that promote the growth of their businesses.

Warrior Dash

This fundraising run happens in Los Angeles. It includes a 13.1-mile half marathon and a 26.2-mile full marathon. Asics is the primary sponsor of this event. They have raised more than $10 million to support the needy communities from the broader Los Angeles.


Goruck charity run happens in more than 800 cities, and it involves various distances and events. The primary sponsor of the event is Goruck Gear that supports Green Beret Foundation.


Goruck funds the foundation to offer support to injured Green Berets and their family members.Now you have the list, choose one fundraising run that suits your needs and run with apurpose.

12 Event Planning Tips

12 Event Planning Tips

Memorable event moments do not just occur. Organizing and holding them takes planning. Whether it is a seminar, conference or just a customer appreciation day, and whether you have two weeks to plan or an entire year, the success of your event is dependent on how your plan it. Here, we have selected top 12 event planning tips from experts to ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

1. Organize your Time and Working Space

Having an efficient work habits sets the mood and foundation for a productive event organization. Plan your days, de-clutter your desk and make time for breaks. Even a 20-second break from your computer can help cut fatigue by half. Taking care of yourself means you will have time to focus and take care of everything else. However, it is a good idea to leave part of your day free from the unexpected. Almost 44% of event organizers say the biggest barrier to productivity in an event planning process is the last minute rush.

2. Draw and Stick to your Budget

Draw and Stick to your BudgetCreating and sticking to your budget is an essential process to help avoid the red line. Use the technology at your disposal to hone in activities that bring the highest returns. Besides, include a contingency plan into your budget to cater for the unexpected. Usually, between 5-25% is a good safety fund.

3. Choose reliable venue

Your location choice can make or break your stress level. You might settle for a nontraditional venue, which will create an unusual experience, while at the same time you want a place that is safe, trustworthy and easy to deal with. Having a venue that offers things like catering, seating and lighting can help take away the burden away from your to-do list. Additionally, having an additional technology like Wi-Fir at your perspective will only simplify your planning.

4. Have detailed contracts

The more information you include on your initial contract contains, the lesser the chances of misunderstanding and manipulation. It applies to the contracts you create and the ones your review from your partners. Always ask for full quotes and estimates for venues and other items that you want to be included in the event planning process. Take your time to read the print up front as this may save you from some headaches in the long run.

5. Minimize of last Minute Rush

Minimize of last Minute RushTo organize for an event, you will work with many stakeholders. From consultants to sponsors, set the expectations up front with each party and drop-dead point for any changes. Ensure you are clear with every party to help avoid any last minute changes that may occur due to oversight.

6. Check ticketing off Your List

Registration or ticketing should not be a tedious process. Check in with your ticketing provider to help you sell the tickets with far less effort. Select a ticketing partner that will assist you to distribute the events on discoverable sites across the web and sell tickets right from those sites. Also, use technology to integrate other activities like email marketing to orchestrate the event.

7. Engage the participants to help spread the word

Engage the participants to help spread the wordThe beauty of social media is that it helps you in marketing, but only if you enable it. It is not enough to have social media accounts. You need to seed them and have your friends help you spread the word. Create a consistent brand message, post it strategically and use each social media platform as it was intended.

8. Connect Your Marketing Plans

Once the social media marketing campaign is up, automate it as much as you can. You can use tools like Hoot suite aggregator to schedule posts across all platforms of interest. Also, tap into your tools analytics to check how your campaigns are doing.

9. Automate other processes that you can

Apart from social media efforts, there are other plenty ways of automating your tasks. Today, there are apps for virtually everything. For instance, you can sign up for Trello for easy communication, create a task and message everyone in the entire team just by a click of the button. Or sync your sales data by integrating the ticketing technology.

10. Make data your friend

Data can assist you to take away the uncertainty of marketing, sales and operation efforts. When you have numbers to back up your decision, you spend less time fretting about the choices you have made. Having an access to ROI from your marketing helps justify your spending. Additionally, having a robust data provides you with a negotiating power and assist you to analyze all your decisions.

11. Be prepared for anything to avoid attendee backlash

Whatever it may be, always ensure have a contingency plan to avoid attendee backlash. A local traffic, unseasonable weather, or broken technology-all can derail an event. Just have a tactical plan in place for anything that might go wrong.

12. Ask for feedback

As soon as your event is over, send out a survey. The response you receive will help you hone on the efforts that will bring you higher interest returns next time. To ensure that people actually read and submit your surveys, you can offer an incentive.

While planning an event, you will want to ensure that it is the most positive and delightful experience as possible. Here are a few tips to make your event run smoothly.

5 Tips to Make Your Events Run More Smoothly

5 Tips to Make Your Events Run More Smoothly

  1. Send Pre-Event Email with Check-In Details

A clear communication regarding the check-in process will be critical to ensure a smooth experience for all your visitors. Consider sending “how to check in” email to all the attendees before the event, so that people can be aware of what they need to enter the event.

  1. Go paperless

Create a logical check-in flowIn this age, checking into an event with paper and pen does not give a good first impression. Besides the inefficiency, it is also a reflection of your brand. You will want the attendees to feel that the event they are about to attend is worth their time and will teach them a lesson and expand their knowledge. A simple way to go paperless is to offer attendees a tablet to register.

  1. Integrate your Check-In platform with Event Management Software

One way to help transition digital check-in is to have an integration between EMS and check-in platform. The integration will ensure that the event registration data from your EMS is synced with the check-in software, hence making the process simple and smooth once the guests arrive.

  1. Create a logical check-in flow

Once the attendees have an arrived at the venue, they should know where to go to check-in and register. Organizing and having an onsite check-in flow in an intuitive and creative manner will help avoid long lines and confused attendees. In fact, there should be plenty of signage’s that designate a specific area. You need to map out the flow ahead of time and make sure all the staff members know where to direct the guests after each step.

  1.  Ensure an On Brand ExperienceEnsure an On Brand Experience

From the moment the guests walk in, the vent has begun. Thus, the event check-in experience should be reflective of your event brand. Instead of viewing the check-in process as just a logical step, claim the process as part of the event and ensure that it is being reflected so. Making a good first impression will give you a bonus point as it will last on the attendees’ minds for the rest of the event.