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Dress, venue, flowers, food…so many details! Your wedding is full of choices—some fun, some a little harder to manage. One of the big-deal items on your wedding day checklist is transportation.

Booking wedding day transportation might be a little farther down the list than finding the perfect dress, but it’s an important component of your perfect day. Make sure you don’t overlook any part of reserving wedding day transportation by following our list of what NOT to do:

Don’t Overlook Wedding Guests Who Need Transportation

You won’t forget to find a ride for the bride and groom. But others may need your help with wedding day transportation, too. Don’t overlook:

  • The bridal party
  • Out-of-town wedding guests
  • Parents/Grandparents of the bride and groom

Don’t overlook these factors when making transportation decisions:

  • Parking at the wedding and reception venues
  • The number of guests you want to transport
  • The need to move guests to the wedding and reception, and back home afterward

Don’t Miss Doing Your Wedding Transportation Research

Don’t miss getting great word-of-mouth and online ratings before you choose a wedding transportation provider. Ask other brides and wedding vendors who they recommend, and check reviews on Yelp, Facebook, and Google.

Your wedding transportation service should be happy to provide references. Event Shuttle Service can provide references if needed to let you know what our customers think of us!

Don’t Forget to Tally Up Wedding Transportation Costs

As you research wedding transportation, don’t forget to inquire about and tote up all costs. Typically you will pay a wedding transportation provider by the hour, usually with a minimum number of hours. To avoid surprises when you get your bill, don’t forget to ask about:

  • Tipping: This is typically 15-20% of the bill. Some providers, like Event Shuttle Service, do not require a minimum gratuity or add it to your bill—that is your decision.
  • Cost for different vehicles per hour and minimum number of hours.
  • Required deposits.
  • Charges for spills or damage.
  • Any special deals for multiple vehicles, hours, or days.

Don’t Skip Asking Your Transportation Provider These Questions

It’s best to reserve wedding transportation early, at least six months in advance. When you call transportation providers, don’t skip these important questions:

  • Do you have vehicles available the dates that I need?
  • What styles of vehicle are available?
  • Do you give a firm price quote?
  • Are there any cancellation fees, late fees, or other fees I should know about?
  • Can I look at your vehicles?
  • Do you have any wedding specials or packages?

Don’t Forget to Have Fun

Choose carefully, but shopping for wedding transportation should NOT be unpleasant—it should be fun!

At Event Shuttle Service, we love to make shopping for wedding transportation fun. Come look over our luxurious 12-passenger Mercedes Benz Party Sprinter and VIP Jet Sprinter and our other vehicles to make the best choice. You can’t afford NOT to call us at (910) 398-8333 to discuss all your wedding transport needs!