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Valentine’s Day is drawing near, the day set aside for romantic gestures that make your partner feel loved. How can you make Valentine’s Day special? Make it personal, with the little touches that your own Valentine appreciates.

It’s The Little Things Make the Best Valentine’s Day

It’s the little things that count this Valentine’s Day. Small, thoughtful gestures tailored to your sweetheart make the most meaningful gifts and make an ordinary day special.

  • Does your Valentine love movies? Movie tickets make a great gift. Choose a romance—or if they prefer action flicks, give up your romance for the day and make it an action movie.
  • Does your sweetie have quirks? Always late, wants doors opened for her, never opens doors for you? Overlook every little fault for Valentine’s Day. Instead, try to really appreciate the quirks in the plus column.
  • Make a Valentine’s Day plan. Do some research on their favorite movies, shows, bands, or beers, and set up a way to get your partner their favorite stuff.
  • Experiences are better than material things. Give your Valentine a day to remember!

Try These Fun Valentine’s Day Ideas

  • Plan a brewery tour for your craft beer partner in crime! (But eliminate the “crime” part by booking transportation with Event Shuttle Service.)
  • Take your date somewhere romantic. Whether you go to the beach, and art museum, on a sunset cruise on the Cape Fear River, a little time with just the two of you can make this Valentine’s Day the best ever.
  • See a live performance for a special Valentine evening out. Splurge a little for the romance of it, and show your sweetheart a good time.
  • Wherever you go, book a limo to make this Valentine’s Day the best. Forget driving, traffic, and parking worries. Instead, have elegant transportation arrive at your door and chauffeur you around all day or evening.
    Our well-maintained fleet has the perfect vehicle for your evening of luxury, including our Mercedes Benz Party Sprinters and VIP Jet Sprinters. Have flowers waiting in your limo and a bottle of champagne cooling. Who can resist the touch of luxury?

No Beau? No Problem!

Singles, plan a night out with the guys or the girls! This is a time for togetherness, and we love our friends, so let’s party!

  • Book a brewery tour in one of our Sprinters that seat up to 12. All your craft-beer-loving friends can come along, and the designated driver is built in!
  • Wine-tasting tours are perfect evenings out for wine aficionados.
  • Get out of town (and avoid running into your ex) by booking a trip to Raleigh or Myrtle Beach with your friends! Go shopping, see a show or a game, and spend time with your besties.

For more ideas for the best Valentine’s Day ever, or to book transportation for this special day, call Event Shuttle Service at (910) 398-8333, or request a quote online.