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3 Ways to Reduce Wedding Planning Stress 

Your wedding day is one of the most exciting and joyful days of your life. There’s a good bit of work needed to create that special occasion, but wedding planning can be a lot of fun—or very stressful!

Meet the challenges of wedding preparations and minimize stress by sitting down with your intended and settling the big questions first. Start with these three ways to reduce wedding plan stress:

1. Plan Your Wedding Budget First

Weddings can be quite modest or very extravagant. The costs of a ceremony, reception, photography, etc. can quickly grow out of bounds and add stress to your wedding planning unless you have a budget.

Settling a budget first establishes priorities for the happy couple. Once you know how much you have to spend, you can research fixed costs, then trim or expand your plans to fit. What are the essentials for the wedding? A certain venue, or a seated dinner? What wedding choices are nonessential?

Fit in your essentials and find creative ways to save money on the wedding features that are less important to you and your intended. It can be fun to innovate, do things yourself, or ask friends to help, and it all helps to reduce wedding plan stress!

2. Decide on Your Wedding Invitation List

Everyone has a different view of who should be invited to the wedding, but this is a decision the betrothed couple must make.

Your budget and the scale of the reception dictate the terms: A formal dinner with a band, for example, will cost more than a beach wedding. If you have estimates from caterers, that will help you establish a ball park number of people to invite to your wedding.

Family conventions definitely influences the number of guests, and parents may want to add people to your list. You might not be able to invite everyone you’d like to your wedding, but making decisions on your guest list will reduce stress.

3. Book on Transportation Early in Your Wedding Plans


One key consideration in your wedding planning is transportation. The bride and groom must arrive at the wedding on time and rumple-free, and everyone loves an elegant getaway car to take the newlyweds to the reception, and later from the reception to the honeymoon.

Members of the wedding party may need transportation too. It’s great to provide transportation for out-of-town guests who may not have their own vehicles. See our wedding transportation checklist for details you don’t want to miss about wedding transportation.

And if you want to keep everyone together for the Bachelor and Bachelorette parties, your 12 or 24 passenger may be just what you need for an epic night out.


Event Shuttle Service has a fleet of well-maintained luxury vehicles to serve all your wedding transportation needs. Call us at (910) 398-8333 to reserve the best in wedding transportation in Wilmington, NC. Book with Event Shuttle Service and reduce wedding plan stress!

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