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Once in a lifetime, you get to ask the person you love to marry you. You want this moment to be just right—after all, you’re hoping for a “yes!” So you’ll want to carefully choose the right spot and the right time to make your proposal in Wilmington, NC.

Wherever you propose, Event Shuttle Service can help. Our luxury vehicles lets your loved one know that this is no ordinary day.

With your own professional driver, you won’t need to worry about driving, traffic, or parking. A chauffeured luxury vehicle from Event Shuttle Service helps make your proposal a night you’ll remember forever.

The Best Proposal Location for You

Some of the best proposal locations in Wilmington, NC are right under your nose. But first, ask yourself these questions:

  • Does your sweetie like crowds, or are they comfortable with privacy?
  • Will you have a photographer present?

Once you know these answers, consider popping the question in one of these locations:

Propose at Airlie Gardens

Airlie is a beautiful walk in most seasons, and you can have as much privacy as you need for your proposal. If you’re having a photographer, there are some great places for photos here.

Perhaps one of the area’s other premier attractions will be a good fit.

The Wilmington, NC Riverwalk is Perfect for a Marriage Proposal

As the two of you walk along the Riverwalk enjoying the water, you will easily find a moment to get down on one knee. If you get nervous, try the next suggestion:

Propose on a Boat in Wilmington, NC

Step right from the Riverwalk onto a riverboat like the Captain J.N. Maffitt or the new Jacob’s Run. Hour-long sightseeing cruises offer quiet corners and a spirit of romance that’s perfect for a proposal.

Choose a Great Restaurant for Your Proposal

If the two of you have a place that’s “yours,” that might be a comfortable spot to pop the question. But you may want to step it up and try one of Wilmington’s fine dining establishments. And here are a few restaurant proposal ideas that are just a little different:

  • Outdoors at Indochine: The tiki huts in the outdoor garden at Indochine are just right for a quiet dinner proposal.
  • Share a Pot at the Melting Pot: There’s something intimate about the fondue experience—a loaf of bread, a pot of cheese, and thou.
  • Hear the Cantadoras at El Cerro Grande: The cantadoras at El Cerro Grande wander to your table and sing. Ask for a special request before your big moment. Check the times and sites, and arrange this in advance.

When you’re ready to propose to your love, call Event Shuttle Service at (910) 398-8333 and reserve luxury transportation for your big day. We bet the answer will be yes!