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3 Reasons to Spend Money on Experiences, Not Things

Recent studies shed light on what makes us happiest. Is it wealth? Power? Ferraris? As it turns out, experiences, rather than things, are what make people happiest.


Anticipation is Half the Fun

The pleasure of an experience begins well before the actual event, when we plan and anticipate it. Dreaming, selecting, and setting up details are part of the anticipation and those tasks make us happy.

Buying an experience such as a trip or a movie brings happiness and excitement—much more than buying a material thing. Waiting for an experience is more fun than waiting for a package to arrive, which can make us impatient.

That’s why we love our work at Event Shuttle Service. Helping with planning and seeing the excitement and happiness on our client’s faces is part of the job! Let’s say you’re planning to attend a special theater performance. You buy the tickets, think about what you’ll wear, and set up transportation with Event Shuttle Service. Long before the special day arrives, you’ve had the pleasure of anticipating and dreaming about the experience.

If you’re dreaming about a weekend in Myrtle Beach or a brewery tour here in Wilmington, you can discuss it with your friends and settle all the details before you go. Getting there is half the fun when you ride with Event Shuttle Service—and when you’re buying experiences, not things.


Experiences Connect You with Other People

Researchers say experiential purchases are more associated with connection. For instance, having dinner with friends makes us happier than getting a new dress.

It’s a bit counterintuitive, because you will have the dress longer. But often we stop appreciating our things when the novelty wears off. And interestingly, we renew the happiness of an experience by remembering and telling about it.


Memories Makes Us Happier Too

Even if our experience falls short of our hopes, it can make a good story! That brings us closer to others too, sharing a laugh about a date gone wrong or an evening that turned into a comedy of errors.

And people like to hear about experiences much more than they like to hear about our things, researchers say. Friends often ask, “What did you do this weekend?” But they rarely ask, “What did you buy this weekend?”

Raleigh NC Breweries

We Make Experiences Better

At Event Shuttle Service, our whole job is to add a little fun, luxury, and style to your experiences. Whether you are having a bachelor or bachelorette party, going to a show in Myrtle Beach, riding to a Panthers game, or taking your honey out for a night on the town, you are making the right choice: Spending your money on experiences, not things. And we are here to help you make it special.

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Give the gift of experiences and make your loved ones happier! Call Event Shuttle Service today at (910) 398-8333 to purchase a gift certificate for a special friend or family member who could use a little more happiness in their life. And don’t forget to book a limo or shuttle for your next great experience!

Amanda Baker

I'm the founder of Event Shuttle Service. I'm a Mom. I'm a huge Carolina Panthers fan. KEEP POUNDING! :)