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We share in our celebrations with the first ever Port City Roaring Riot

The Port City Chapter of the Roaring Riot became an official chapter in 2015. Ride and tailgate with fans or join them for weekly games at Dig n’ Dive, the official bar of the Port City Roaring Riot. Learn more.


Wilmington and the Carolina Panthers both have awesome riverboats

Riverboat Ron vs Henrietta III


Every close game helps you burn more calories to stay in shape for beach season

We’re nicknamed the #CardicCats for a reason


Our Quarterback likes to dance as much as we do

Cam on angering Titans during end zone danceL “I’m a firm believer if you don’t like it, keep me out (of the end zone).”

We don’t have to drive to watch the Carolina Panthers play in Charlotte

You can ride roundtrip from Wilmington to Charlotte in a limo with other roaring fans!


The Panther’s share in Wilmington’s spirit of philanthropy

The Purrbaca t-shirts sported by many players supports the The HEARTest Yard foundation.



…especially helping kids

Braylon Beam is just one of the many kids impacted by the kindness of the Carolina Panthers.

…especially when it comes to hooking them up with TD game balls.

You now have at least 5 favorite super heroes (in addition to Iron Man which was filmed in Wilmington)

Josh “Batman” Norman, Cam “Superman” Newton (sometimes the Green Lantern), and Greg “Thor” Olson, and Luke “Captain America” Kuechly

And 1 (defeated) super villain

Before the Panther’s played the Giants Dec. 20th, you know ODJ wanted to be the “Joker” to Josh Norman’s Batman…according to Norman, he was actually “Two Face Harvey Dent.”



The best corner back in the league went to school down the road from us



These are just a few of the many reasons being a Panther fan in Wilmington is the BEST EVER. Event Shuttle Service loves being a part of the #PantherNation. We look forward to cheering with you the rest of the season…all the way to Super Bowl 50!

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