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Ah, the annual workplace holiday party! While some look forward to it all year, other’s are just holding it together long enough to shake a few hands and down a glass of champagne before calling it a night.

And some, should have called it a night before their choice of karaoke tunes, bad jokes and enough holiday punch to spend the next day feeling like the Grinch.

The holiday party may be obligatory, but regretting it the next day isn’t. Keep your dignity (and possibly your job) by following our helpful hints for navigating your holiday party. Ready???


Don’t Overdo Flirting at Your Holiday Party

Hands off! You’re allowed to make eyes, but don’t make suggestive comments. Spouses and partners will be keeping count and all this will be rehashed later, so avoid the mistletoe. This will be easier if you follow the next step:

Go Easy on the Holiday Punch

Liquor loosens your tongue, so keep it to a minimum at the office Christmas party. Do you have opinions about your boss’s ability to do her job, your coworker’s butt, and how the company can improve its hiring practices? Keep these and other truths to yourself by limiting your libations to one, two, or ginger ale. Save the heavy drinking for the after party – VIP’s only.

Leave the Colorful Guests Home

If your best buddy or significant other is the life of the party, tell them you’re going to the library. The workplace holiday party is one place you don’t want your friend (or spouse) to put a lampshade on their head, dance on the tables, or pinch the body parts of cuties from Accounting. It’s OK to fly solo if it’s in everyone’s best interest.

Save Your Terrible Jokes

No rabbis, blondes, feminists, or identifiable ethnic groups should appear in your jokes at the holiday party. All jokes should be suitable for a 5th-grade multicultural classroom. Here are some awesome “safe” suggestions.

You Never Stole that Stapler

Even without a snootful, when you are chatting and making friends, you may be tempted to confess minor infractions at work. That you didn’t come to work because you had a job interview elsewhere, that you have a “thing” for Ted in Receiving, or that you got three speeding tickets last month—these are truths best kept to yourself.

Don’t Expose Your Coworkers on Social Media

When you get home, don’t post those racy photos that show more of Tiffany than they should. Don’t tweet about who you smooched under the mistletoe. Don’t email your work crush. Everything must remain in the vaporous, private realm of your memory.

Show Off Your Safety Concerns by Booking a Limo

Just in case you might have a wee bit too much to drink—it happens—book a limo or shuttle to take you to your work holiday party and home again safely. You’ll look cool driving up, and your bosses will be impressed with your safety-minded foresight. Go the extra mile, and we’ll help you coordinate pick-ups and drop offs for a large group. You’ll be the Holiday Party Hero!


If you book together with friends, you can even go out afterwards for a nightcap! Our shuttles have a fully stocked cooler as well as comfort and luxury, so you’re all set getting to the after-party. Call (910) 398-8333 to find out more or book a limo for the party, or request a quote online.

Need a Venue for the Christmas Party?

If you’re looking for a place to host your fun-but-professional holiday party, try the Carolina Room. On South College Road near Shipyard, the event space holds 60 seated or 75 for a stand-up reception. There’s a full kitchen, wood floors, flat screen TVs, and plenty of parking. Our event coordinator can help with the planning and there’s an additional multi-purpose room for dancing, bar, etc.


Call (910) 777-4455 or visit the website for more information.

Keep out of the office newsletter this year by following our simple rules for workplace holiday parties, and Santa will reward you by allowing you to retain your job instead of an employment attorney. Ho ho ho!