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Of course we want our wedding photographers to capture all the best moments, but there are always going to be opportunities and angles that are best accomplished with a selfie. Here are some selfies no bride should leave her wedding without!

The Happy Couple

An intimate photo of you and your love at the head table, leaving the reception, on the dance floor- take a moment to capture a selfie for a photo that’s all yours.

Selfie of bride and groom

The Getting Ready Wedding Selfie

Some of the best moments at your wedding happen before it even begins! Grab a selfie stick and get all your girls together for a pre-wedding selfie.



The I’m Completely Ready Wedding Selfie

Once you’re 100% ready. Snap a few selfies that will be saved on your own phone.

Dance Floor With Your Bridesmaids Wedding Selfie

Because the fun really happens at the reception. Dance, selfie, repeat.



Wedding Selfie with the ‘Rents

The wedding photographer will snap plenty of pictures with you and your parents, but it will be extra special to them (and you) to take a few moments for family selfies. #sosweet



Best Friend Wedding Selfie

All kinds of best friends should be included in your quest for the best wedding selfies. If you can pull off a pet wedding selfie, you win!

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