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There are moments when we learn lessons the hard way, right? At Event Shuttle Service in Wilmington, NC we sometimes hear a tale of woe from customers who wish they’d called a limo or chauffeured car service instead of driving themselves or relying on a Taxi service. Here are a few of those “Aha” moments.

1. I Wish I’d Called a Limo for That Anniversary

Matt and Jenny were excited about celebrating their 10th anniversary. They planned a special evening out, with dinner and afterward a show at Ziggy’s By the Sea. Knowing they might have a few drinks, they called a cab to take them to the restaurant.

The cab driver was friendly. He asked about their plans, then told them about his. “I’m going clean,” he said. “I just got out of state prison. Six months, but they let me out after four. I’m never going back there! I learned my lesson!”

Jenny clung to Matt. “Here’s the place,” Matt said, and quickly threw down the fare and tip. They hurried into the restaurant. “Next time, let’s just call a Event Shuttle Serivce!”

2. I Should Have Called a Limo for Senior Prom

prom limo transportation wilmington nc

Kaylee was excited about prom. Her mom, Melissa, helped her shop for a dress and shoes, and she borrowed some jewelry from her girlfriend Emma. Kaylee’s date Nick would pick her up and she’d meet Emma and her date at the prom.

BOOM. VROOOOM. Melissa looked out the window. In the driveway was a very nice-looking boy in a tux driving a truck jacked up on monster wheels. Kaylee dashed downstairs in her tiny, pretty dress, flew out the door, and climbed up the wheels and running boards into the truck.

Melissa clicked off her camera. “I wish we’d called Event Shuttle Service,” she sighed.

3.    I Wish I’d Called a Limo to Take Us to That Game

carolina panthers transportation

Chris and a bunch of the guys headed up to a Carolina Panther’s game in Charlotte. Chris had a minivan that seated five, so he drove. They had to park over a mile from the stadium. After sitting in traffic, they did not have enough time to tailgate. After the game, everyone was a “little tipsy” so they had to wait several hours before making the drive back to Wilmington.

When you ride with us, you can “shuttle gate” on the way to the game and drink out of the cooler that we stock for you, no one in your group will have to drive, VIP parking and pick-up service, and a safe ride home after the game.

Next time, book a party shuttle for your whole crew!

With a limo or shuttle from Event Shuttle Service, you’re in charge of the music—our shuttles have TVs with DVD and surround sound, and you don’t have to please the chauffeur with your music choices.


You will never find a monster truck in your driveway when you book a limo with us. Choose an elegant Mercedes E350 and you will know where your teenager is and who, exactly, is driving.


Our friendly, professional drivers will not entertain you with their stories of doing hard time because they haven’t done hard time. Instead, they’re ready to take you out for a good time.


If you’re planning a milestone birthday party, can you count on the weather to cooperate? Keep your guest of honor dry with a chauffeured vehicle from Event Shuttle Service. If you want a luxurious surprise for a special occasion, you won’t dazzle him or her with your tan Camry. You’re going to wish you’d called a limo.

Event Shuttle Service has just the right vehicle for your needs, so give us a call at (910) 398-8333 and book a limo for your next special occasion, or request a quote online.