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Looking for a Wilmington NC Taxi? We’ve Got Something Even Better

When you need a ride home at 2am, you’ve probably called a Wilmington NC taxi or Uber. For those occasions, it may be your best or only option for getting home safely and we are fortunate to have these services in our area. On the other hand, a little pre-planning for your evening plans can save you a lot of stress and trouble in the long run.

Sometimes, it will be in your best interest to book a car or shuttle from Event Shuttle Service instead of relying on a last minute taxi or Uber. Whether you need transportation to and from the airport, corporate meetings, a wedding, or for a night out on the town, you’ll be glad you chose one of our shuttles or cars instead of a Wilmington, NC taxi.


Here are a few reasons to book a car or shuttle instead of a Wilmington NC Taxi or Uber:

1. You can count on us. Because you reserve a shuttle in advance (unlike a taxi), you can count on Event Shuttle Service to be there when you need us.

2. Our professional drivers are trained, courteous, and reliable. They know the fastest routes to get you to your destination quickly, and if you’re from out of town, they can answer all kinds of tourism questions about Wilmington, NC.

3. You’ll appreciate the great customer service at Event Shuttle Service. From reservation to follow-up, our Wilmington, NC team strives to put you first.

4. You’re not hiring a Wilmington NC taxi—you’re hiring a dedicated car service. Your driver leaves the garage with you in mind, travels to meet you, takes care of your comfort while chauffeuring you, and gives personal attention to only you during the transport.

5. We stock the cooler by filling our onboard coolers with your favorite beverages!

6. You’ll have luxury equipment and more room for friends! Our fleet includes beautifully-appointed Mercedes Benz Sprinter vans, a sleek Mercedes E350 sedan, and an extra-large and accessible Sprinter for parties of up to 24 people, you’ll find just the right luxury vehicle for your needs. There is no comparison to a Wilmington NC Taxi.

7. You’ll enjoy all the amenities on your ride. Our vans are better than taxis because they have flat-screen TVs with surround sound, a DVD layer, a built-in ice chest stocked with your favorite drinks, privacy shades, plus cleanliness, quality and comfort.

8. Shuttles can go where taxis can’t—for instance, on out-of-town or overnight jaunts to see a show or spend a weekend.

9. Attention to detail is the a priority for our limo company. Event Shuttle Service wants to provide not just transportation, but a great experience from the time you book your with us until you are dropped off safe and sound.


But you don’t have to take our word for it. Check out what our customers say.

Next time you’re thinking about calling a Wilmington, NC taxi service, consider whether what we offer at Event Shuttle Service makes more sense for the occasion. Reserve a limo instead of a taxi to pick up visitors from the airport, to take your family to the church for a wedding, and to drive you and friends around on a special evening out. Call Event Shuttle Service at (910) 398-8333 or request a quote online today!

Amanda Baker

I'm the founder of Event Shuttle Service. I'm a Mom. I'm a huge Carolina Panthers fan. KEEP POUNDING! :)