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For a special occasion, it’s a pleasure to hire a limo with a driver. The luxury accommodations add to the occasion, and it’s relaxing to have someone else take care of the driving, directions, traffic, parking, stocking the cooler, and other day-of logistics.  . You can even have a couple of cocktails and not worry about it.

At Event Shuttle Service of Wilmington, NC, we love to mark your special occasions with the best in transportation services. From our courteous, friendly professional drivers to our luxurious Mercedes Sprinter vans and Rolls-Royce limos, Event Shuttle Service has the limo experience you crave for your special event.

As you can imagine, there are so many events worth hiring a limo for!

In case you weren’t sure, we’ve compiled a list of occasions where a limo or chauffeured car is a no brainer. 

1. Wedding Limo

From that special Rolls-Royce getaway ride for the bride and groom, to helpful transportation for out-of-town guests, it’s worth hiring limo services for your wedding. Check out our wedding limo blog for lots of ideas for making your wedding go more smoothly.


2. Birthday Limo

For a great birthday treat, it’s worth it to hire a limo! It’s especially welcome at a big milestone day (ends with 0). We even have some great ideas for children’s birthday parties.


3. Anniversary Limo

When you want something special to mark your important anniversary, try hiring a limo with Event Shuttle Service in Wilmington, NC. Whether it’s a Mercedes Sprinter van big enough to hold the whole gang or a luxury Rolls Royce for the two of you, enjoy your anniversary in style!


4. Bachelor and Bachelorette Party Limos

When you’re out in Wilmington, NC, for your bachelor party, forget the work and leave the driving to us! Your friends will love the luxury of a limo ride for the bachelorette party.

5.  Mother’s Day or Father’s Day Limo

When Mother’s Day and Father’s Day approaches, it’s time to pull out the stops and plan something nice for Mom and Dad.

6. Watch your Favorite Team Play – Group Limo Service


8. Going to See you Favorite Band – Concert Limo

A great great on their way an Avett Brothers concert.

avett brothers

9. Prom Limo

It’s the biggest night of the year! What better way to make prom night special than with great transportation for you and your friends.

Prom 2014

Prom 2014

8. Celebrating Achievements

Whenever you have an important occasion, think of Event Shuttle Service. It’s worth it to hire a limo to celebrate important achievements like a work promotion, graduation or retirement. This extra luxury helps make your achievement special. Find out why Event Shuttle Service is the best shuttle service in Wilmington, NC.

When you’re ready to book a limo for your event or purchase a gift certificate give Event Shuttle Service a call at 910-398-8333, or request a quote online.