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Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to honor mom by doing something special to show that you care. Though no mom can resist the heartfelt card accompanied by a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers, there are many other interesting ways that you can make her day the best.

Are you ready to make this Mother’s Day special? Here are 3 unique ways to honor your mom on Mother’s Day:

1. Go big.

Though big gestures aren’t a necessity on Mother’s Day, they can still be a great way to show mom how much you appreciate her. Make mom feel like a superstar by hiring a driver to take her on a spa day to our friends at Coastal Massage and Bodywork or out to her favorite restaurant. We are big fans of the four course meals at the Melting Pot in Mayfaire. You can also plan a weekend getaway to her favorite spot, so that she can spend some time relaxing and getting pampered. Going big is a great way to make mom feel special, especially if she isn’t expecting anything elaborate.


2. A personalized gift basket.

Put your own unique spin on the gift basket by personalizing it for your mom based on her likes and hobbies. Here are some fun gift basket ideas:

  • Gardening – Does she like to garden? Fill her basket with gardening supplies and seeds from your local hardware store.
  • Food – If your mom is a foodie, pick up some specialty food items that she may not get to enjoy very often.
  • Wine – You can buy a bottle of her favorite wine and find some gourmet snacks to pair it with.

A personalized gift basket is a great idea for those who don’t have a lot to spend, but still want to show mom that they care.

3. Give the gift of time.

Nothing means more to your mother than spending quality time with you. Instead of opting for a flashy gift, spend the day doing whatever Mom wants to do. You can take her to the movies, make her favorite meal, or just spend time catching up with her. You can also use your time to help mom with things around the house. By taking care of her small chores, you are giving her extra time to do the things she wants to do!


Whether you plan on splurging or just offering mom a small, special token of your appreciation, there are many ways that you can show your mother that you care. Do something unique and personal for your mom this Mother’s Day, and it will surely be one that she’ll remember!

If your Wilmington NC Mother’s Day plans need a limo or chauffeured Rolls-Royce, give us a call 910-398-8333 or REQUEST A QUOTE ONLINE. We promise to take great care of her!