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There are a lot of stereotypes and misconceptions about booking a limousine and we want to set the record straight! Just remember to do proper research on any Wilmington NC limo company and their vehicles before you commit. After all, not all limo companies are created equal.

1. All limos are the same

The term “limousine” refers to any luxury vehicle that is stretched, has a separate compartment for the driver, and has a privacy divider for passengers. A stretch sedan limo from 1991 and a brand new stretch SUV are both called limos. Our line of luxury limousines are 2012 Mercedes-Benz Sprinters seat up to 12 and we also have a 2013 24 passenger executive shuttle for larger groups. Before you book a limo, always request to see the vehicles in person so there are no surprises.

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2. Limos are only for the rich and famous

Sure, the rich and famous are known to be chauffeured around in fabulous limousines, but the truth is, limos are for everyone! At Event Shuttle Service, our limos seat up to 12 so you can easily share in the expense with all your friends. For example, to ride from Wilmington to Charlotte for a Carolina Panthers game, (a 12-hour rental) cost $999. When you get a group of 12, that’s only $84 a person to drive you across the state all day! And we all know that if you are planning on drinking alcohol, it’s going to be much less expensive to pay for a driver and a vehicle versus getting a DUI which will cost thousands.

We take groups of all ages and sizes for a variety of occasions and events. Check out upcoming events blog to see where we’re going next!

3. Limos are only for in town

Not all limo companies are created equal.  Each limo company has designated permits that specify how far they can travel. Event Shuttle Service has a multi-state permit which means we can drive all over the Southeast.

4. Limos can only be booked for large blocks of time

This is simply not true with Event Shuttle Service. While some limo companies will rope you in for a 4 hour minimum, we offer pick up and drop offs from the airport, around town, and across North Carolina.

5. Limo companies are sketchy

At Event Shuttle Service, we have nothing to hide. We are a family owned and operated business by myself and my husband Mike along with his mother, Theresa. We feature our vehicles and drivers prominently on our website. We also encourage all our customers to come to our office and event space to see the inside and outside of each vehicle for themselves. That way, there are not surprises when the limo arrives at your scheduled pick up time.

Sure, there are companies that are not properly licensed or insured and that hire drivers that have not had background checks. It’s up to you, as the customer, to do your proper research before booking.

Before you commit to a limo service, make sure they:

  • Are fully licensed
  • Are fully insured
  • Carry all NCDOT permits
  • Run background checks on their drivers
  • Will allow you to see the limos before booking
  • Have positive customer reviews

6. Limos are only for special events & occasions

You can rent a limo for any reason. Whether its going to a concert, dinner, or you just want to have a fun night out with your pals, you might be surprised just how affordable it can be. If you’d like a quote, call 910-398-8333 or request a quote online.