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The questions that matter: What to ask before booking your Wilmington NC Wedding Limo

We realize that planning a wedding is a HUGE task, either with or without a wedding planner, or involved MOB. When planning a wedding, one aspect that tends to get overlooked is transportation. Couples spend so much time focusing on booking a venue, hiring a caterer, and outfitting the wedding party that they often leave the wedding transportation arrangements until the last minute. We do our best to alleviate any worry you have and making your big day a fun, memorable day with family and friends.

We’ve noticed lately, that a lot of our competitors have received negative reviews from brides that were not only disappointed in their Wilmington, NC wedding transportation but that their experience was so bad, it actually ruined their wedding day. This is really unacceptable and you have our guarantee that we will take perfect care of you and your wedding guests when your wedding day arrives.

Your transportation needs may be for more than just the wedding day. Many brides coordinate a shuttle to pick your guests up from the airport or to and from the rehearsal dinner. Don’t forget bachelor/ette parties. It’s always a good idea to book early to avoid limited vehicle selection or none at all.

Before booking your wedding transportation, there are several questions to ask before signing the dotted line. Make sure you’ve done your research and book the wedding limo or car that represents a company that stands by their drivers, their vehicles, and their word.

wilmington nc wedding transportation

1. Do you have references and customer referrals?

Before you book any transportation service, you will want to do a little research, both in person and online. You want to be sure that the service you choose has experience with wedding transportation, and that all of their drivers and vehicles are fully licensed and insured. When you have a few prospects, ask the company for references and customer referrals. See some of ours on Wedding Wire.

2. Can I see the Wedding Transportation?

You should also make a point of inspecting the service’s vehicles first hand. Whether you are interested in a traditional limousine, or something out of the ordinary, you want to make sure that the vehicles are clean and well appointed, and that they offer ample room to accommodate the wedding party. We keep our Mercedes-Benz sprinters at our office and garage at 2501 South College Road and allow all our brides to see the vehicles for themselves before booking at no extra charge. We also have videos on our website and plenty of photos.

3. How many will it seat?

Moving twelve 13 year olds is one thing, but what about full-size adults? Be as specific as you can with your limo company to make sure your guests will be comfortable. Our Mercedes-Benz Sprinters seat up to 12 and we also have a 24 passenger executive shuttle for larger groups.


4. How old are the wedding limos?

You can eliminate this question if you choose to see the vehicles in advance (which we recommend) but you would be surprised at how old, rusty, and unreliable many of these limos are.

5. Will you send me a schedule?

It’s very important that your wedding day transportation is coordinated perfectly with the day’s events. Make sure your wedding transportation company sends you a confirmation of the pick up and drop off schedules. Keep a copy for your records.

6. Is gratuity included?

Many limo companies in Wilmington, NC do not included gratuity in their pricing and many do. Make sure you know in advance to avoid any awkward moments for your guests. For your convenience, we can either include gratuity or not in your contract. It’s up to you. Although our drivers would never turn down an additional tip (who would?!).

7. Is there a deposit?

In order to book your wedding day transportation, most limo companies will require you pay a deposit. That will vary from company to company. At Event Shuttle Service, we require 20% of the total bill up front and the rest within 7 days of the wedding.

8. Can we book extra hours?

So it’s late in the night, you’re having a great time, and you want to stay out a few extra hours…make sure you have the option with your wedding day transportation. Ask if it’s possible. For us, it depends on our availability for the night but is welcomed by our drivers. When you book be sure to ask how much additional hours will be if you choose to stay out past the original time.


9. Do you also have a Wedding Getaway Car for the bride and groom?

Often, in addition to limousines, companies will have a variety of vehicles in their fleet perfect for carrying off the bride and room once they depart the reception. Many couples choose to book the same car a year later to celebrate their anniversary.

Ready to book?

In conclusion, do your research and book early, and you won’t end up with a transportation fail on your big day. We’d love to be a part of yours! Call 910-398-8333 or request a custom wedding quote using our online form.