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What’s so great about a Party Bus in Wilmington NC?

Many groups choose to book a party bus for their special event instead of a limo so that they can…

  • Fit more people
  • Enjoy more head room
  • Stand up instead of being cooped up in a short vehicle
  • Not have to scoot in and slide all the way in.
  • Have plenty of room for cooler space

What’s so great about Event Shuttle Service is that we don’t drive you around Wilmington in any ol’ party bus, we have luxury Mercedes-Benz Sprinters that have all the benefits of a Party Bus in Wilmington NC and more…

Party Bus Wilmington NC

  • 6’6″ of interior standing room
  • Seating for 12
  • A level of comfort and elegance that a traditional party bus lacks.
  • Much more leg room
  • Large, flat screen TV’s
  • Storage space in the rear luggage compartment.
  • Fully loaded with concert DVD’s, movies and music of all genres
  • Direct TV to get the big game
  • Privacy shades so you can be incognito for your night out
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • First Aid Kit
  • Emergency Exit on Driver’s Side
  • We event stock the cooler for you!

As you can see, there are tons of reasons to choose Event Shuttle Service Mercedes-Benz Sprinters instead of a Party Bus for your next special occasion. If you have a group larger than 12, check out our 24-Passenger VIP Executive Shuttle XL.

jet sprinter xl

Still not soldIf you would like more info regarding booking one of our vehicles instead of a party bus, I’m happy to provide you with a custom quote. Call 910-398-8333 or you can also request a quote online.