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Round-trip luxury transportation from Wilmington to Raleigh, NC on Thursday, November 21st from 8:00am – 9:00pm.

Tis the season for Christmas shopping! Do you love getting with your shopping buddies and heading to Raleigh for a day of shopping but HATE to drive, park, and draw straws to determine who is driving? Well, this year you can drive and shop worry free! For only $49, we will drive you to and from Wilmington, to your favorite Raleigh shoppes and restaurants, and event stock the cooler full of drinks for the ride.

We’ll meet at 8:00am at the Event Shuttle Office located at 2501 South College Road and leave by 8:30am for a full day of all your favorite Raleigh stores and restaurants and leave by 7:00pm to head home with all your Christmas purchases. There is plenty of room to store your goodies on our 24 passenger Jet Sprinter-XL.

jet sprinter xl

We’ll start at the Shops of Baileywick then head over to Crabtree Valley Mall, one of the largest malls in the Southeastern United States. We’ll have dinner around 5pm then head home. We can determine other stops based on where the group wants to go and how much time we have. We have flexibility.

Just 4 miles from Crabtree Valley Mall is Cameron Village Shopping Center, full of tree-lined walks, one-of-a-kind shops, restaurants and cafes. They are also hosting a Holiday Open House from 5-8pm that features Santa, clowns, jugglers, the Raleigh Boys Choir, music, entertaining and more.

Download Crab Tree Valley Mall Directory

Download Cameron Village Shopping Center Directory


If you would like to join us call Amanda at 910-398-8333.