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Who wants to go see Lewis Black!? He’ll be performing in Raleigh, NC on Thursday, October 17th at the Durham Performing Arts Center and at the North Charleston Performing Arts Center on Friday, October 18th.

I don’t normally get impressed by celebrities. They’re just doing their job too but one day a handful of years ago, I’m walking down 57th Street about half a block away from Carnegie Hall. And who walks past but Lewis friggin’ Black. I wanted to go up to him and say hi but I was a little intimidated. You know, because he plays a grumpy old man on stage. I didn’t want to bother him and further stress him out so I let it go but man, that really stuck with me.

If you don’t know who Lewis Black is, here’s a clip: (some NSFW language)

Based on that clip, I hope he’s driving! (Which, speaking of… hey Lewis… give us a call! We’ll get you from one place to the next!) :p

If you’re going to the show, grab a few friends and make it a party. Our amazing, one-of-a-kind Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans are simply the best way to travel to see a show.

We’re based in Wilmington, NC and round trip prices for either show are $699. We’ll pick you up at your location (in Wilmington or otherwise) and make sure you get to the show in style – whether in Raleigh or Charleston. Our vans all come stocked with your favorite drinks and a gang of entertainment options, including multiple flat screen TVs, DVD player, surround sound, and more. After the show is over, we’ll make sure you get home safely.

It’s Lewis Black! And he’ll be in Raleigh and Charleston in little more than a week. Call me and book your ride today! (910) 398-8333.

Note: Tickets to the show are sold separately. If you want to get tickets to see Lewis Black in Raleigh, click here. To get tickets to see Lewis Black in Charleston, click here.

Then call me to book your Event Shuttle! (910) 398-8333.