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Guess who’s bringing Sexy Back? Join us in Raleigh on November 13, 2013 to see the Justin Timberlake 20/20 Experience World Tour. The show is the first night Justin will be touring in the US and only the 3rd night of the tour!

We’re Event Shuttle from Wilmington, NC and we are simply the best way to travel to your Event when you’ve got a group and you’re looking to have a good time.

Prepare to Take Back the Night…

The night promises to be special. We’ll travel from wherever you are to the concert in one of our beautiful Mercedes-Benz Shuttle vans. These are some of the nicest vehicles you’ll ever ride in. Each one of our Shuttles was custom built for us, and had to meet the highest quality and luxury standards before we would add them to our fleet.

Make no mistake, our Mercedes-Benz Shuttle vans are the classiest and most luxurious way to transport a group of people. Our Party and Executive VIP Shuttles seat up to 12 and our brand new Super Party Shuttle seats up to 24! Imagine luxurious leather seating, laminate wood flooring,  enough head room for a 6″2′ person to stand comfortably, multiple flat screen TVs, surround sound, built-in drink coolers, party lights, and so much more.

But what really makes the experience special are our drivers. We take pride in hiring some of the best drivers, and nicest people, in the business.

Prices start at $799 for our Shuttles and include round-trip transportation from your home, or choice of pick-up location. We’ll have your Mercedes-Benz Shuttle van sparkling, and stocked with your favorite beverages of choice, perfect for a night like this.

We’ll transport you and your friends and family to see Justin Timberlake in Raleigh in style. After the show, we’ll get you back to your house (or original pick-up spot) safe and happy.

The only thing the Shuttle doesn’t include are tickets to the show. However, if you find yourself saying, “Self! I wish I had tickets to see that fine piece of man that is Justin Timberlake!” we’ve got you covered. If you’re just trying to get in the building and are happy with buying tickets without a sweet view, TicketMaster still has a few tickets left for the show. They run in the neighborhood of $100 each.

However, if you’re trying to do it up real big, or maybe you’re willing to pay a bit more for better seats, you can snag them through StubHub. Last time I checked, you can even get 2 front row tickets if you’re willing and have the cash. At $2,500 each, they’re not cheap to be sure. But on the other hand… it’s Justin Timberlake!

If you’re going to see the Justin Timberlake 20/20 Experience World Tour (or want to), stay safe, have fun, and make it a night to remember. Travel in style in one of our Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans. Prices are as low as $79/person.

Call me today for more details or to reserve your shuttle at (910) 398-8333.


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