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NC State’s Homecoming is the biggest event the NCSU Alumni Association hosts each year. Homecoming for 2013 is going to be amazing with an array of events, including the Hillsborough Street Music Festival, the traditional Homecoming parade and football game. There’s is something for everyone!

NCSU girls

NC State Homecoming 2013 is also the best time of year to see and be seen on campus. Our Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Party Vans and VIP Jet Vans are the best way to get a group of people to the NCSU homecoming events. We can easily seat up to 12-24 people in our Shuttles. If you need a Shuttle with wheelchair access, we’ve got you covered too!

Our Shuttles are full of the luxuries you want including the one you just can get in a standard limo: head room! In our Shuttles, you can easily get up and move about the cabin when you need to. No more feeling trapped in the middle of a group of people inside a cramped limo.

But our Shuttles are so much more. They feature luxurious leather seating, hardwood floors, multiple flat screen TVs, party lighting, built in ice chest, and more!

Let us take you and your friends to your Homecoming Event.

And if you’re tailgating the big game, and you want the perfect vehicle to chill in before going inside, we’re exactly what you need. While others sit in plastic chairs and makeshift seats, you’ll be relaxing in super-soft leather seating.

You can’t go wrong with our Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans. And with prices as low as $699, we’re totally affordable. Whether you need to get a group of people to an event or want to get party goers safely home – Event Shuttle Service is the ultimate in group transportation.

View all of the 2013 Homecoming events here at the official site.

Call me today at (910) 398-3333 to reserve your Shuttles for Homecoming 2013 and make memories that will last a lifetime.